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Broncos tabs Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator; Bengals keep Vance Joseph

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The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for the 2015 NFL draft by scouting prospects, while looking at their ranks to see where free agency helps. In the meantime, the Broncos were obsessing over Bengals DB coach Vance Joseph, but no longer.

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Denver is hiring Wade Phillips as the team's new defensive coordinator, meaning that Vance Joseph will not be leaving the Bengals to join the Broncos.


The Denver Broncos have reached an unnatural stage with their unhealthy obsession regarding Bengals defensive backs coach Vance Joseph. Perhaps John Cusak could stand outside of Vance Joseph's window with a boombox? This is an organization that once interviewed Joseph for the vacant head coaching position two weeks ago, but hired John Elway's good buddy Gary Kubiak instead. High fives. Let's drink beer and talk about the good old days. They didn't just hire Kubiak... they never hid the fact that the job was Kubiak's WHILE Joseph was interviewing (or preparing to interview) for the head coaching vacancy.

Well... the batteries powering the boombox might be losing their juice. According to reports, the Broncos will interview Wade Philips (who was a head coach for John Elway and Gary Kubiak in Denver) and, hypothetically, move him to a senior position after 2015 to make room for Joseph. According to the morally superior Denver Post, former Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith will also interview for the position this week. Broncos linebackers coach Richard Smith is also a candidate. Still, Denver is hoping that the Bengals will relent and let Joseph leave.

As this point, owner Mike Brown (twirling his mustache of maliciousness) and Marvin Lewis (giggling like the villainous Brown's sidekick) are wondering... if the Broncos are unable to contain their obsession for Joseph, why shouldn't the Bengals make every effort to keep him? Maybe make him a promise as their next defensive coordinator with a significant contract? For someone who hasn't called a play in his life, Denver is putting a lot of eggs in an unproven basket.