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A.J. Green defends Andy Dalton; Talks concussion, playoff woes and Super Bowl

A.J. Green doesn't think Andy Dalton is why the Bengals aren't in the Super Bowl.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals were once again bounced from the first round of the NFL playoffs this past season. Though anyone who watched the game could see there was no singular culprit for Cincinnati's 26-10 loss at Indianapolis, Andy Dalton has taken much of the blame.

A.J. Green isn't having it, and he defended his quarterback during multiple interviews during Thursday's Super Bowl festivities. In an interview with Michael Irvin and the NFL Network, Green said "it's tough" when he hears that Dalton isn't the man for the job.

Green also said Dalton "isn't a one-man team. You look at those games, we don't play good as whole.We don't protect him well. We don't run the ball well. We don't play defense. He can't lead the team by himself. We and the rest of the supporting cast have to step up our game to support him."

During an interview with Mike Florio on PFT Live, Green echoed those sentiments while also talking about his season-ending concussion, the Super Bowl and more.