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Bengals' Devon Still and Leah write book about kids battling cancer

Devon Still also revealed that Leah is beginning a new type of chemotherapy treatment for her pediatric cancer.

As Devon and Leah Still continue their battle against pediatric cancer, the two are releasing a new book about kids who have to fight the dreaded disease.

In an animated book titled I Am Leah Strong, the Stills wrote to not only show the battles they're facing, but to help other kids and their families who are fighting pediatric cancer to help them overcome it. The book will be released at the end of February on a website of the same name.

Devon spoke with USA Today about the new book, and he said it was Leah who was the driving force behind this book.

"That book was written by her," Devon said. "I just had an outline of questions I wanted to ask her. Whatever answers she had I wrote in book form."

Devon also revealed that Leah begins a new type of chemotherapy treatment on Friday, one that doctors hope will shrink the disease enough for her to undergo stem cell therapy. He also said he's spending the offseason in Philadelphia to be with Leah as often as possible.

"Being home now in Philadelphia is easier for me," Still said. "There are times when I want to hug and kiss my daughter and now I can do it because she’s right there with me. That was one of the biggest issues that I wasn’t there to support her while she was going through her treatment. It’s definitely been a weight off my shoulders now that the season is over."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Leah as she begins this next wave of treatment with hopes that she's finally able to beat cancer for good.