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Bengals Bites (1/30) - Cincinnati In Top 8

Cincinnati ranks as the number 8 city for football fans. Marshawn Lynch and Deflategate still dominating the news. I feel better knowing about the extra security for the balls this weekend.

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Cincinnati No. 8 city for football fans
Don't let the lack of playoff wins get you down, Cincinnati, Wallet Hub is here to cheer you up. They rank Cincinnati the eighth best city in the country for football fans.

A.J. Green: Marshawn Lynch 'building his brand'
Bengals receiver A.J. Green talked to USA Today Sports' For The Win blog about Marshawn Lynch's approach with the media, among other things, saying that Lynch's back-and-forth with the media this week has been "funny."

Marshawn Lynch And Gronk Got Together To Play Some Video Games
Conan had Rob Gronkowsi and Marshawn Lynch on his show to play the yet-to-be-released Mortal Kombat X, and there was really no way the premise couldn't deliver. Come for the discussion about Mario Kart characters, and stay for Marshawn Lynch teaching Conan how to properly taunt the opposition by grabbing your nuts. Also, the necrophilia jokes!

Doc: Marshawn Lynch doesn't owe media anything
Marshawn Lynch has the nonsense of Super Bowl Week! dead to rights. More than any player in the history of the Big Game, Lynch grasps the utter worthlessness and abject futility in having several thousand media falling over one another for seven daze, to chronicle an event that will happen all over again next year. At least political parties have the decency to wait four years between conventions.

Super Bowl XLIX footballs will receive "added security," says Dean Blandino, NFL VP of officiating - ESPN
The 108 official Super Bowl XLIX footballs will receive additional security this weekend amid an ongoing NFL investigation into the inflation of game balls in the AFC Championship Game, vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said Thursday.

Devon Still and his daughter Leah wrote a book for kids fighting cancer | For The Win
Four-year-old Leah Still has been an inspiration to millions since she was diagnosed with a Stage 4 pediatric cancer called neuroblastoma in June. Next month, the daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still will continue to exhibit her superhuman strength in an animated book titled I Am Leah Strong, which will be released at the end of February on a website of the same name.

Joe Montana thinks Tom Brady responsible for Deflategate - Sports - The Boston Globe
Say it isn’t so, Joe. That’s what Tom Brady must be thinking after his boyhood idol, San Francisco 49ers great Joe Montana, said at the Super Bowl on Thursday that Brady is behind the Patriots playing in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts with underinflated footballs.

Linebacker Should Be Cincinnati Bengals’ No. 1 Offseason Priority | RantSports
The Cincinnati Bengals had another respectable season in 2014, ending with a 10-5-1 record and entering the postseason for the fourth straight year. Unfortunately, they were also unable to win their first game in the playoffs for the fourth straight year. This offseason will be critical for the Bengals as they try, yet again, to overcome that playoff hurdle; for that to happen, they will need to focus first and foremost on solidifying their linebacking core.