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Bengals Bites (1/31) - Pay The Ladies

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A California Rep has introduced a bill that would mandate cheerleaders be paid minimum wage. Eric Winston calls out Roger Goodell. The Bengals improvements need to go beyond Dalton.

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California Rep. Introduces Bill To Force NFL To Start Paying Cheerleaders Minimum Wage
The bill comes after former cheerleaders have sued at least five NFL teams, alleging minimum wage and other employment law violations.

Eric Winston apologizes for his shot at Roger Goodell | ProFootballTalk
NFL Players Association President Eric Winston took a shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today, but it didn't take Winston long to back down. Shortly after Winston told Tom Curran of that a 2-year-old could do Goodell's job, Winston issued an apology.

Curran: Goodell Deflategate stance shows he's a fraud | Comcast SportsNet -
Eric Winston walked by me in the Phoenix Convention Center. He had this to say about Goodell’s 2014 performance, “Hey, even the worst bartender at Spring Break does pretty well. Think about it, a 2-year-old could [be NFL Commissioner] and still make money.”

Rolling Stone Publishes, Then Unpublishes, Column Criticizing The NFL
Friend of Deadspin Jeb Lund (also known as monstrous, deceased dictator Mobutu Sese Soko) published a column today under the headline "Screw the Super Bowl: The Big Lies of the Big Game" on Rolling Stone's website. You can't read it on anymore, though, because it mysteriously disappeared shortly after publication.

Goodell addresses improvements to officiating | ProFootballTalk
As a postseason in which officials were a focal point comes to a close, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says some improvements to officiating may be on the way. Goodell said at his "State of the League" press conference that the NFL will examine ways to make officiating better for the 2015 season.

Cincinnati Bengals need improvements to go beyond Andy Dalton - ESPN
But the truth is, as two prominent members of the team pointed out this week, the Bengals' problems go much deeper than Dalton. This is a teamwide issue; one that won't be ameliorated until each player at Paul Brown Stadium looks in the mirror and comes to such a realization.

Armour: Team game changes decision for Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman's girlfriend is due any day now with the couple's first child. Of course, he's going to be with her when the baby is born. Or is he?

Super Bowl: Boyertown's Develin takes circuitous route to Patriots - The Morning Call

The NFL is filled with seminal snapshots that tell stories that words, by themselves, could never do. There was Chuck Bednarik's celebration over an unconscious Frank Gifford; Dwight Clark's leaping grab of a Joe Montana pass in the back of the end zone; and David Tyree's helmet catch in the Super Bowl seven years ago.