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Thank You from Cincy Jungle

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You won't believe this but we've been around 2006 and just completed our ninth season on the internet. We're thinking about doing a tenth. We take bribes, awesome cat calls and emails that tell that we're awesome.

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Dear Cincy Jungle readers, commenters, creepers, followers, exhibitionists and friends.

We had a great season together and despite the continued losses in the playoffs by our team, the spirit of Cincy Jungle continues to spread and strengthen. Well, as much as we're married and jawing at each other about little trivial things that we wouldn't bother someone else with, we've also hit breaking numbers across the board and our traffic is rivaling most major (and we mean major) Bengals-specific websites.

Thank you. We'll do our best to produce and keep things alive/active if you keep coming. Again, thank you.

As a thanks, we're going to ask you to help us out with a survey. We're always wondering how to make your experiences better and, like Christmas presents, we'd have a better idea what you want if you just told us. This isn't for any ad thingy. This is literally you telling us what you want.


ephram 88
dadio.mcduck 32
It's Mike from the 772 28
BALCO Blue Bombers 28
The Van Buren Boys 25
Hud521 24
DatDudeKB3 21
Chili Dog 20
Touhue Cha


will2ill 13
CaliBengalsFan#97 14602
messjunk 12382
The Van Buren Boys 11184
emeybee 10350
Mismanagement 5113
Woo!! 4282
PW 4172
TCfromDubVee 4023
DeyjaWho 3880
BALCO Blue Bombers 3513