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Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham 'probably long gone'

Don't expect the Bengals to re-sign Jermaine Gresham once NFL free agency begins, says another Bengals beat writer.

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As the Cincinnati Bengals begin planning for the offseason, tight end Jermaine Gresham is one of several free agents scheduled to hit the market on March 10. Without a doubt, the fifth-year tight end has enjoyed a rollercoaster ride in Cincinnati, struggling to live up being a former No. 21 overall pick from the 2010 NFL draft while taking on frustrated fans as the self-titled "villain".

According to Paul Dehner Jr., there are some coaches that want nothing to do with Gresham. beat writer Geoff Hobson doesn't see Gresham being back next year either. However, instead of Tyler Eifert being the one to replace him though, Hobson expects H-Back Ryan Hewitt to step into Gresham's role in 2015.

It sure looks like Hewitt is going to replace Jermaine Gresham as the starting tight end after playing so well at H-Back this season. He's a tremendous blocker in the running game and while he doesn't possess Gresham's vertical threat, he's got good hands and is more sure-handed and reliable.

As Guenther said on Monday, he wants Maualuga back and I think that's mutual. I don't think it's mutual with Gresham and he's probably long gone.

Since week eight through the end of the regular season, Hewitt, signed as an undrafted free agent this year, was Pro Football Focus' No. 2 fullback. He began playing a bit more frequently at tight end over the final month as Gresham sat out with a toe injury against Cleveland. A back injury late against the Steelers in the regular season finale forced Gresham out against the Colts during wildcard weekend.