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Adam Jones loses $12.4 million appeal of 2007 Las Vegas shooting

Adam Jones wasn't the gunman at the 2007 Las Vegas strip club , but police alleged Jones was responsible for inciting the incident.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is taking a big hit to his bank account for something that happened almost a decade ago.

The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld an order for Jones to pay more than $12.4 million in damages in the shooting of two former Las Vegas strip club doormen, including one left paralyzed during a 2007 melee.

The majority of the $12.4 million will go to Tommy Urbanski, who was paralyzed in the shooting. The unanimous state high court ruling issued Thursday keeps Jones on the hook to pay Urbanski and his ex-wife, Kathy, for the damages caused by the incident.

The justices upheld a trial judge's decision to remove the NFL from the case, and rejected Jones' contention that damage awards for Urbanski and co-worker Aaron Cudworth didn't legally correspond to findings of liability.

Jones wasn't the gunman, but Las Vegas police alleged he instigated a brawl by throwing handfuls of cash toward dancers inside the crowded club. Urbanski and Cudworth were wounded outside.