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Opposing Outlook: What Kansas City Chiefs fans think of the Bengals' Week 4 matchup

Every week I am going to look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams fans concerning the upcoming game with the Bengals. This week I peek into Arrowhead Pride's comment section.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As the Bengals get prepared to welcome the Kansas City Chiefs into Cincinnati, I wonder what the fans of Kansas City think about the upcoming game. Currently the Bengals are 4 point favorites, which to me means that Vegas odds makers think this is going to be a competitive game.

I take a look at the comments on Arrowhead Pride for some answers. Overall, the outlook from Chiefs fans is negative. I can understand the feeling, they were beat by division rival, Denver, in a game that they basically gifted to them. Before that, they played with by a very good Green Bay team. I don't think Kansas City is as bad as some of their fans would lead you to believe.

Of course after his performance last week there is A.J. Green respect:

A.J. Green is going to dominate.

Dalton isn’t all that great, but when you have a guy like Green…

Along with the respect for Green is a healthy respect for the Bengals running game:

That offense is dangerous. They have 2 RBs who would start on almost all teams, a TE who would start on almost all teams, and a WR who has the potential to be a Hall of Famer one day. And their offensive line isn't exactly a weak spot, either. Our pass rush needs to bring their A game because our secondary won't be able to cover for six seconds.

Yup, best group of RB's we've seen yet. Not sure which is more dangerous, Hill's power or Bernard's elusiveness.

Tyler Eifert also has earned respect from a fan base that knows what a talented tight end looks like:

Eifert could end up killing us.

It isn't just the Bengals that is feared by the KC fans, some of them also have little respect for their own team:

I'm not a gambling man, but that'd be one I would play Bengals should cover pretty easily.

We lose 50000000-0 because alex smith

This last one I included just for the Little Giants reference:

Five Star
Whomever doesn't jump on tha Bengals is crazy ......Our Chiefs couldn't stop those kids on the Little Giants right now...Icebox aka Becky O'Shea would tear LDT a new asshole !!!!

It is not all doom and gloom for Chiefs fans though. Some are still optimistic that their team has faced a tough schedule and is much better than their record. Some fans think the Chiefs will handle the Bengals with little issue this weekend.

Just watched the Bengals vs. the Ravens from last week. Couple observations:

The Bengals D struggles with angles and tackling at times and their secondary is nothing to write home about. Offensive line does a good job protecting Dalton most of the time. Their receivers are VERY dangerous...long, athletic, and fast. Running game with Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard is not scary to me, and the O line did not appear near as skilled at run blocking allowing quite a bit of penetration and TFLs. The Ravens started Kendrick Lewis at safety this past week and that equals the Bengals receivers running wild. Dalton throws a lot of jump balls to them, and considering the nature of the league coupled with their athletic ability it's a risk worth taking.

They've played the Raiders, Chargers, and the Ravens (a combined 3-6) on the season, so IMO this will be Cincinnati's first test of the season. Of course the Chiefs are coming off an incredibly bad performance where they were unmotivated, outplayed, and ultimately embarrassed on national television. Sean Smith is really going to help the Chiefs secondary against the Bengals receivers, and Bob Sutton's defense generally limits big plays in the passing game. Although the national analysts will call for a Chiefs loss I think they get up for this game and pull out a win. The Bengals drink enough of their own Kool-Aid that they become a bit over-confident and underestimate a talented yet under-performing Chiefs team. I predict Jamaal has a crazy day and Alex Smith reverts back to his mediocre self. The Bengals will struggle to run the ball early which is when Dalton relies on his receivers, encounters pressure, and Peters gets another pick off a jump ball. Sean Smith will look rusty but will still be an upgrade over what the Chiefs have been trotting out there so far.

Added to that thread was a comment about the Chiefs needing some lucky bounces:

If we get a few turnovers to go our way, we win this game. I don't think the Bengals are quite as good as they seem.