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Week 5 Seahawks vs Bengals: One final thought

It's not a national stage, but there are many eyes on the Bengals' game this weekend. Lets hope the Bengals don't make this bigger than it is.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As Bengals fans we are accustomed to waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even with the frequency at which the team has been winning with and the epic homerism I am blessed with, I sometimes feel the same way. This weekend's game has that kind of feel to it.

The Bengals look to be the better team. Shoot, based on what we have seen, the Bengals look to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Some are starting to take notice, many are noticeably skeptical. For good reason, the Bengals have led fans down this path before.

This team seems different. We have talked about, analyzed and prophesied for the past four weeks about what makes it different, but we just feel it. Andy Dalton is playing all world. When one player falters, two more step up. Win or lose on Sunday, we are still going to have confidence in this team.

What a loss on Sunday would bring is more skeptics. The Colin Cowherds and their weak logic would spout off about the same old Bengals. They would point to this being the first team Cincinnati played with a winning record (if the Seahawks win) and faltering under the pressure. (These will be the same people that state the opposite if the Bengals do win, Seattle would then be 2-3 and they would point to Cincinnati not beating anyone with a winning record at the time).

We know this, you know this and the Bengals know this. They just shouldn't care. Let's watch the Bengals approach this as any other game of the season. Take care of business at home and move on. Don't make this bigger than it is. It is just a game against a mediocre NFC team. Play they way you have been and forget about everything else.

So sit back and watch the Bengals beat up on a team that was pretty good in the not so distant past. Get excited, but like the team, keep it in perspective.