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Week 5 Bengals vs Seahawks: Submit your game score prediction

How do you see today's game playing out?

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Last week, the predictions for the outcome of the Bengals vs Chiefs game were on average, way below what Cincinnati ended up scoring against Kansas City.

Cincy Jungle users predicted the outcome to be 28-19, Bengals, on average. The Bengals won the game and the Chiefs made seven field goals, but, they never scored a touchdown. The final outcome was 36-21, Bengals.

The Van Buren Boys and CaptainAwesome3 came close with a 34-24 prediction. Joeb69 also had a good guess as to the Bengals' amount of points with a prediction of 35-13.

This week, the Bengals play the Seahawks and their staunch defense. Will Andy Dalton and the Bengals' offense be able to score 24 or more points as they have in Weeks 1-4, or will this week's game be a lower-scoring affair? The Bengals have scored an average of 30.25 points per game this season, while the Seahawks have scored 21.75. The Seahawks' average includes a 26 point shut out of the Bears. Keep that in mind as you submit your predictions for this afternoon's game below!