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Bengals vs Seahawks: The amazing Tyler Eifert

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert scored two touchdowns against the Seahawks and secured an amazing fourth quarter reception to put Cincinnati into field goal range -- eventually sending the game into overtime.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There are so many elements of Sunday's game that warrants praise; hopefully we'll address many of them over the next few days.

A.J. Green was finding success early against Richard Sherman, Mohamed Sanu had one of his better performances of the season and Marvin Jones quietly contributed with an explosive 44-yard reception that beat Sherman and safety Earl Thomas. Defensively, Cincinnati struggled early before transitioning into the familiar nastiness that's characterized their persona for years.

Oh, and Tyler Eifert is amazing.

With 1:25 remaining in the fourth quarter, down by three points, the Bengals had a first down from Seattle's 45-yard line. Keep in mind by this point in the game, Eifert had already secured two touchdowns (so "amazing" was already part of our vernacular when describing Eifert's performance on Sunday). More importantly was Eifert's second touchdown, which reduced Seattle's 24-7 lead into a ten-point deficit with over 12 minutes remaining, the byproduct of Adam Jones' big punt return.

According to Eifert, who ran a fade towards Seattle's sidelines, Dalton threw the football a bit early, forcing him to sprint towards the football and lay out for the reception.

An amazing reception at that:

Tyler Eifert 25 yards

The 25-yard reception put Cincinnati on Seattle's 20-yard line. Following a six-yard run by Giovani Bernard and an incomplete toss to Marvin Jones, Andy Dalton picked up another yard on a sneak on third down. Unable to stop the clock (no timeouts remaining and a fourth down spike would translate into a turnover on downs), Cincinnati's field goal unit ran onto the field where Mike Nugent lined up and converted a 31-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

Eifert finished the game with eight receptions, 90 yards receiving and two touchdowns.