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Mike Nugent joins Pro Football Talk Live to talk about Bengals' win

Mike Nugent helped the Bengals secure their 5-0 start and joined Pro Football Talk Live to discuss his game-winning field goal and what's different with Andy Dalton this season.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

What's different? It's the question everyone's asking about Andy Dalton and Mike Florio asked the same question of Bengals kicker Mike Nugent when he joined the Pro Football Talk Live radio show on Monday afternoon.

"One thing I've noticed is certain guys who we used to call young, a lot of guys have done such a great job, they used to be the young guys, now they're taking control. Our defense is a pretty weathered crew. The guys who were young once are getting used to it," Nugent said.

While it's been easy to say Dalton, A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert were the "young guys" on the team the past few years, that narrative is now changing. Dalton and Green are in their fifth season and though Eifert is playing his third season in the league, he's now the veteran tight end on this Bengals team.

"I think Andy is a guy I've been talking about a lot lately that's stepping into that leadership role," Nugent said. "He looks very commanding, from my point of view, I watch a little bit like a fan for the first few plays of the series. Everyone's kind of buying in and rolling with him."

It's obvious Dalton is a big part of why this Bengals team is 5-0 for the third time in franchise history and for the first time since about 60 percent of the players were born.

"There's certain guys on the field who guys feed off of. When (Dalton) shows a lot of energy and gets excited about certain plays, it allows everyone to get excited with him."

When Florio asked if it's better being 5-0 or beating such an accomplished team like the Seahawks, Nugent couldn't really answer the question.

"It's great being 5-0 and beating such a great team. I think there were 12 minutes left in the game when we were down 24-7, some things have to go your way but there was no finger pointing everyone was on the same side, even the fans."

So, what was Nugent doing right before kicking the field goal that sent the game to overtime?

"Once we got to that point, when the series started, you really want to stay on and know exactly the situation is," Nugent said. "I was staying with my coach and my snapper knowing if the clock runs out we've gotta get out there quick. Everyone did a great job getting out on the field, great clock management to come through at the end."

But don't think the fire drill isn't something the Bengals practice.

"That play, the fire drill, is very easy to kind of overlook, but our coaches do a great job in the preparation of that. We do it plenty of times during training camp and as much as we can during the season. We've done this 7-8 times already this season in practice, so we just have to go out there and execute it during the game."

When asked if he thought the Seahawks might call a timeout to freeze him before the kick, he said he hadn't even thought it might happen until Florio brought it up.

"I almost feel like, looking if I was on the other side, it's almost a tougher kick to have to get it off fast than if the Seahawks called a time out and there was time to line up."

About the final kick to win in overtime, Nugent said he waited for the crowd to tell him if it went in. "Everything pretty much stands still. When you kind of don't hit it 100 percent perfect, like that ball yesterday, you have to keep an eye on it the whole way through and make sure it goes through."