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Carlos Dunlap causing problems for opposing offenses

Carlos Dunlap is tied for the NFL lead with 5 sacks. He is creating problems for teams on a defensive line that is playing very well as a unit.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Dunlap needs 3.5 sacks to move into fourth place on the Bengals all time sack leader list. There is reason to believe he will easily be there this year. Five weeks into the NFL season, Dunlap has 5 sacks. This alone is a strong indicator he is playing good football, but doesn't tell the whole story. Dunlap is becoming a major problem for opposing offenses.

"He's done a good job," Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said on Monday of Dunlap's performance against the Seahawks. "He did a good job of rushing yesterday and did a good job throughout the day on the line of scrimmage. The ability to chase a quarterback down like that and the length of the outside guys was really helpful. That's why we have guys like that. He's doing a good job of working at it, and continues to grow as a player."

That's Marvin speak for this guy is crushing it. Rightfully so, Dunlap was a big a part of the Bengals' comeback win on Sunday, maybe more so than any other player in stripes. He directly had a hand in ending each of Seattle's last four drives. If the Seahawks had extended any one of those, the door would have shut on Cincy's incredible win.

On the Seahawks' first possession after being up 17 points, Dunlap destroyed Garry Gilliam to get to Russell Wilson for the drive killing sack.

Seattle's second attempt ended when Dunlap beat Gilliam again to knock down Wilson as he delivered a poorly thrown ball to Jermaine Kearse.

The third attempt ended when Dunlap again was a major disruption. Seattle slid extra blocking to keep Dunlap out of the play to pave way for running back Thomas Rawls. This was a failed attempt to block Dunlap and he got free to pressure Wilson into another poorly thrown ball.

Wilson scramble

The last chance the Seahawks had to hold off the Bengals was again, destroyed by Dunlap. Instead of crashing the outside like he had been doing, he stunted inside and jumped right into Wilson's passing lane. This caused the quarterback to hold the ball and run directly into Geno Atkins' arms. Had Atkins not been there to make the play, Dunlap would have brought Wilson down himself.

Geno Atkins sack

Carlos Dunlap is a wrecking machine and an integral piece of the puzzle that makes up the Bengals' defensive line.