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Week 6 Bengals vs Bills: TV coverage map

Will you be able to watch the Bengals vs Bills game from the comfort of your own couch this weekend?

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Will the Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills game be on your television Sunday afternoon? If you live in Cincinnati, Dayton, or on the east coast, the answer is likely yes. If you live anywhere else, it's looking like a no.

With the exception of New York City and Pittsburgh, most of the east coast will have the honor of seeing the 5-0 Bengals attempt to defeat the Buffalo Bills for the third straight time. A larger part of the country will enjoy the Denver Broncos' trip to Cleveland.

After the Bengals game is over, almost all of Ohio will be able to watch the Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers game, a battle of two 1-4 teams who Bengals fans hate both of, what fun!

Thursday Night Football kicks off the weekend with the Atlanta Falcons in New Orleans to take on the Saints. Sunday Night Football features a rematch of the 2014 AFC Championship game, you know, the one that triggered Deflategate. The New England Patriots will be visiting the Indianapolis Colts and we'll start accepting your bets now for how many times "Deflategate" will be mentioned. The week ends with the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football for a divisional showdown.