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Bengal Bytes (10/16): Watkins' bold prediction

Chad Johnson was very blunt with his thoughts on the current Bengals team. Sammy Watkins demands more targets. The Cardinals are sleeping with the lights on, and Maurice Clarett shares his thoughts on Leonard Fournette.

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Cincinnati Bengals have a different feel -- just ask Chad Johnson

Gio Bernard and Co. look quite imposing at 5-0. Is Cincinnati finally ready to make noise in the playoffs? One franchise icon waxes poetic -- and profane -- about these Bengals to Aditi Kinkhabwala.

Eifert emerges

After Sunday’s stunning 27-24 victory over Seattle that was defined by Tyler Eifert’s equally as stunning diving catch to help get them into overtime, the Gronk references were flying in the locker room. High praise for the Bengals’ third-year tight end who believes New England’s Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end in the game.

Tyler Eifert Is Matchup Nightmare

The Bengals suddenly don’t look like the usual Cincinnati teams we’ve seen in recent seasons—capable, but prone to stumbling against the better teams, ultimately flattering to deceive. The Cincinnati front office has always taken the approach that Andy Dalton can win if they surround him with enough talent. Until this year, they had a good roster, but maybe not quite enough around weapons around the quarterback. A.J. Green is still there; Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill, Mohammad Sanu ,and Marvin Jones have all been there before, albeit rarely all healthy together. The real key, though, to this surge to 5-0 is the play of Tyler Eifert.

Cincinnati Bengals Fans Discuss Undefeated Start

It’s a long way from the hopeless Bungles of the ’90s to four straight playoff appearances and a 5-0 start this year. Cincinnati fans have growing faith in Andy Dalton and in the steady leadership of Marvin Lewis, and cautious optimism that this could be the year. Just don’t ask about Carson Palmer

Walkthru: Bengals not 'smelling' themselves

The Cincinnati Bengals aren't smelling themselves, Hoffman's fantasy fix, and a loop around the division. In the hour after beating the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in rather spectacular fashion, members of the Cincinnati Bengals were already on to Buffalo.

Bengals focus on Bills, not injury report | Sports - Home

The Cincinnati Bengals have heard all about the Buffalo Bills' injury woes. The Bills could be without quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who has an MCL sprain, and have just two healthy running backs for Sunday's game at Ralph Wilson.

Bengals running game hasn't yet hit stride

One of the NFL's best offenses so far hasn't done all that much on the ground. Given the circumstances, the Bengals aren't all that concerned. In Cincinnati, they've moved away from the run-it-first approach. Now, it's whatever works.

Bengals breakdown with Dave Lapham

Brad Steinke and Dave Lapham breakdown Bengals-Bills matchup. As well as talk about the comeback against Seattle.

Behind Enemy Lines

Q&A about the Cincinnati Bengals with Joe Goodberry

The obvious difference has been the play of quarterback Andy Dalton and the success of the entire offense as a result. He’s currently enjoying the best stretch of football in his career. Dalton is throwing more accurately and confidently than he ever has and I think it’s a direct result of the returns or Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones and Gio Bernard. This offense is loaded. It should play well.

Bills' Sammy Watkins expects 'monster game' from EJ Manuel if he plays

Tyrod Taylor said Wednesday that "the plan" is for him to play through a knee injury and start Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, but if that plan falls through, EJ Manuel will be the Buffalo Bills' starter. It would be Manuel's first start since Week 4 of last season, when a J.J. Watt pick-six effectively ended Manuel's run as the starter and led to Kyle Orton taking the reins for the remainder of the season. Receiver Sammy Watkins sees big things from Manuel.

Buffalo Bills' Sammy Watkins wants the ball more

Sammy Watkins wants the ball and he wants everyone to know it. The Buffalo Bills wide receiver told the team recently that he wants the ball more and isn't pulling any punches publicly, either.

Random Bytes

Traveling in a pack eases Cardinals’ minds of haunted Greenbrier

Tony Jefferson hasn’t needed a night light during his stay at The Greenbrier this week. He just keeps all the lights on. The Arizona Cardinals’ safety said he heard a voice -- a little girl's voice, to be exact -- soon after the team checked into the resort. From that moment on, he never shut off the lights.

Offensive Lines in Crisis: Why the Seahawks, Saints and Others Are in Trouble

Offensive line play in the NFL is no worse than it has been in recent years. In some respects it may even be a little bit better. At least, that's what the statistics show.

Wear Pink For My Mom, Who Lived to Love | The MMQB with Peter King

My mother’s decade-long battle with breast cancer is over now, but mine is just beginning. To honor her, and my four aunts who died from the disease, I want to ask one small favor of you. Well, two actually

Maurice Clarett's Advice for LSU Superstar Leonard Fournette

Should Leonard Fournette be able to enter the 2016 NFL draft? In many ways, this conversation was preordained. With each breathtaking run, each defensive back run over, each effortless 200-yard game and each trip to the end zone, one can’t help but wonder how the NFL could possibly tell this young man he’s not allowed access next spring.