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Week 6 Bengals vs Bills: Submit your game score prediction

Guess the outcome of the Bengals vs Bills game and see how your prediction matches up to other Bengals fans, Bills fans and the Vegas odds.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

We're entering Week 6 in the NFL and no Bengals fan has yet to correctly guess the score of any regular season game this season in our weekly prediction polls.

Last week, when the Bengals beat the Seahawks, 27-24, we did get some close guesses, and some with the Bengals' point total correct, but none that had the total score accurately. VABengalsfans guessed the correct score for the Bengals, but was short on the Seahawks' point total with a 27-17 prediction. DL69 came close with a prediction of 24-13. Burficts_a_beast nailed the Bengals' point total with a 27-16 prediction, but also fell short on how much the Seahawks would score, as did JungleJohn and his 27-17 prediction.

As the Bengals take on the Bills today, do you see the game being a high scoring affair or a low-scoring battle? Currently the Bengals are 3.5 point favorites to win, per Bovada with an under/over of 43.

Place your prediction in the widget below and let us know how you see the game playing out in the comments!