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Week 4 Chiefs at Bengals: Tecmo Bowl Futures

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

In the 8 bit world, the Bengals are matching their real life counterpart with an undefeated start. This week the Bengals welcome the Kansas City Chiefs to town for a game that could have playoff seeding implications. So what can we expect this Sunday? I blow the dust off the old cartridge, slide it into the NES and sit back and watch how Tecmo Bowl sees this Bengals game playing out.

The Chiefs start with the ball and try and test the Bengals through the air. To everyone's surprise, Alex Smith goes for the deep ball multiple times but fails to connect on any.

Ultimately, the drive stalls and the Chiefs punt to the Bengals.

Cincinnati knew coming in that the Chiefs defense was going to apply pressure. Andy Dalton finds himself in a collapsing pocket and is brought down for the sack by Jaye Howard.

Dalton can not find an opportunity in the passing game.

The Bengals are forced to punt the ball back to Kansas City.

Again, there is nothing available in the Chiefs passing game. Kansas City punts the ball back to Cincinnati.

Tamba Hali gets in on the sack action and brings Dalton down for the Chiefs second sack of the day. This defensive line is cutting through the Cincinnati offensive line too easily.

Then Marvin Jones gets some separation and Dalton finds him in the clear. The Bengals have the ball in the red zone with a great opportunity.

At the end of the first there is still no score.

For the second week in a row, Dalton makes a poor decision in the red zone and throws an interception. In his defense, the line crumbled and the Chiefs were all around him applying pressure.

Carlos Dunlap gets to Alex Smith to kill the Chiefs drive. Once again, Kansas City is punting the ball away.

In what is shaping up as one of the least exciting Tecmo games to date. Cincinnati can find no momentum on offense and needs to punt the ball away.

Then devastation for the Kansas City crew. Jamal Charles is lost for the game due to injury. I do have it on good authority that all that is needed is a push of the reset button and this injury goes away. (For any KC faithful that may stumble onto this post)

Michael Johnson ensures that Alex Smith has no time to complete a pass and gets to him for a sack.

At the half the game is still scoreless. The stat lines are pretty awful.

To open the second half, the Bengals find a little life on offense and move into the KC side of the field. After some incomplete attempts into the end zone, the Bengals settle for a field goal try.

The Bengals are on the scoreboard with a successful Mike Nugent kick.

The Chiefs passing game continues to be disrupted by the Bengals defensive line.

However, Alex Smith finds some room on the ground and is able to scramble for a first down.

Then Geno Atkins says enough, he sacks Smith for a big loss and knocks KC out of field goal range.

Another punt...

At the end of the third the Bengals lead 3 - 0.

Cincinnati opens the final quarter and finds some success with a mix of runs and passes.

Marvin Jones breaks a short completion into a long run after catch.

Then the Bengals stall in the red zone once again.

Cincinnati sends Mike Nugent out for another field goal try.

Not even close, a bad missed pulled left.

The Bengals defense will not allow Kansas City any room and the Chiefs punt once again.

The Bengals find some success moving the ball on the ground.

Then the Chiefs defense leaves it all on the field. Back to back sacks by Jaye Howard and Derrick Johnson keep the Bengals from doing anything with there good field position.

So the Bengals sit on the ball and end the game. Not the most exciting to watch, but the Bengals get the win anyway. WhoDey!