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Cincinnati Bengals bye week Crossword

Challenge yourself with the first CincyJungle crossword - laden full of Bengals' answers. It's a perfect pick me up for the Bye Week Blues.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Many people have a Sunday morning routine. For some it may be something like this:

You wake up and get out of bed. After any necessary bathroom duties, you grab the Sunday paper from the porch. Immediately you take out the Lifestyle, Garden and Culture sections of the paper, and use them to change the kitty litter box.

Then, you read through all the funnies while munching on some Fruity Pebbles. But you don’t read through all of the funnies, because there’s always at least one or two articles that aren’t worth the time to read.

After that, you browse through the sports section, marveling at how much more you love reading those wonderful posts and fan comments on Cincy Jungle. But it’s in print, so you feel somewhat obligated to look over what the sports writers wrote.

After that, you take a glance at the crossword. You attempt a few of them. You only get one or two of them correct and begin to feel stupid.

As noon approaches, you go through your closet, trying to decide between wearing the home A.J. Green jersey, the road Leon Hall jersey, or the throwback, black Boomer Esaison one. You don’t want to curse the Bengals’ undefeated streak, so you don the Green jersey, again.

You grab some food and a drink, and proceed to plop yourself in front of the television for what is poised to be a self-indulgent all-day marathon of NFL football, kicking off with the Bengals’ 1:00 p.m. game.

Well, sorry to interrupt your wonderful Sunday routine, but this is the bye week. And as such, there is no Bengals’ game this week. Not Sunday at 1:00 p.m., not Sunday at 4:15, and not even Sunday night. It’s not on Monday, and no, you didn’t miss it a few days earlier on Thursday.

It’s a bye week, and there is no Bengals game to watch – yikes!

While I can’t comfort you in your sadness of no Bengals game, I can offer you an opportunity to fell less stupid.

Instead of the insanely convoluted Sunday paper crosswords that 99 percent of Americans can’t get correct, and which 98 percent of Americans don’t care to get correct, I offer you the Cincy Jungle crossword. It's much easier than the Sunday paper variety, and it is densely populated with Bengals' answers. Enjoy!

10-21-15 crossword

10-21-15 crossword