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Opposing Outlook: What Pittsburgh Steelers fans think of Bengals' Week 8 matchup

Every week we will take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we peek into Behind the Steel Curtain's comment section.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh Steeler fans, the dredge of the NFL. Blind loyalty doesn't even tip the iceberg when you begin to describe these black and gold cultists. They are everywhere. They claim to travel well but in reality they are a product of bandwagon hopping. Sure, you hear some lose connection they have to why their fandom makes sense, but in actuality they were brought there by the wagon. It is easy to root for a team that consistently wins. These people are a product of the 70's. Maybe they tell you it's because their dad, or grandpa was a fan so they root for the Steelers. Well, I hate to break it to you, that's probably because they were bandwagoning dipshits too.

It's ok, we don't hate you for it, we hate the fact you show up at every stadium with very little football knowledge. You are not really sure what you are cheering for but you are armed with a .2 BAC and a yellow towel.

The next NFL game you watch (aside from the Bengals vs Steelers of course) pay attention to the stands. This Sunday night at the Packers vs Broncos game, the chances are good when the camera pans the stadium you will spot a Steelers jersey. If you are really lucky, that moron will be waiving his towel.

So, in their own words, here are what Steeler fans think about the game on Sunday from Behind the Steel Curtain:

There is no way...
The Bungles leave the Burgh undefeated. The pressure on them is way higher than the pressure on the Steelers. This is like a playoff game and we all know how well Cincy does in playoff games!

The confidence continues:

We are so blessed to have a great RB, QB, and WR on our team.
Some teams a combination of those, or 1, or even none. We easily have the greatest offense in the history of the organization. It is a great time to be a Steeler fan. Ecstatic that we finally get to unleash the Kraken against the Bengals this Sunday.

Greatest offense in the history of the organization? How much do you want to bet this is a pretty young fan? Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth would like to have some words with this person.

On thoughts that Ben may not play, there are some mixed reviews, but most are sure he will suit up.

He is lying
There is a better chance of Ben playing than Bengals winning this weekend.

Some Steeler fans are aware what the team will need to do to compete in this game:

Gotta Score at Least 35 Points
AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Sanu, Eiferts, Hill & Gio are going to give our Defense fits this week. There's no way we are keeping them down all day.
Bell, Ben & AB have to come up huge. Martavis has to get into the end zone twice.
It's a tall order since the Bengals are one of the few teams that can get pressure from its front 4 w/o blitzing.
Dalton has looked calm all year, hopefully something bad can happen to him early in the game & he starts pressing and choking.

Others have a pretty good idea of what Pittsburgh needs to do to get the W:

Bell needs a monster game for us to get it done this sunday
I have a feeling Ben might still be struggling with that bone bruise aspect based on the fact he still seemed a little shaky on definitely playing for Sunday and Bell has always played well against the Bengals. Let them worry about Bell and Ben will be able to get his shots down the field to Bryant and Brown. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Miller just blocks for the entire game


Keep Ben upright
And his knee won't be a problem. Run Bell more than 17 times, get Heath involved for the first time in a month, score td's in the red zone. Easy game.

But, some fans are not sold on this Black and Gold team altogether:

The Steelers have proven that despite having some talented players they can't put it all together.
I wonder what all of the folks wearing rose colored glasses will say if Pittsburgh ends up being 4-4 after Sunday ? Getting Ben back is no guarantee of anything. This team under-performs. I hope I'm wrong but until I see results, I remain skeptical that the Steelers will make the playoffs.

Even the writers at BTSC seem to have an agenda. They wrote an article preemptively calling the Bengals dirty for targeting Ben's knee on Sunday. That's right, they are calling the Bengals dirty for something that hasn't happened yet. A little of the pot calling the kettle black, I think.

Finally, a fan after my own mind. Thinking less of Ben's workouts and more on his diet during his rehab:

Looks like one thing Ben has been working on...
Is that third chin. He definitely didn't maintain a diet these last couple of weeks. That's not going to help his mobility. Not sure if people have noticed, but he definitely put on some weight. It seems like each week. My friends and family all noticed when they showed him on the sidelines every game.