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Week 8 Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers: Tecmo Bowl Futures

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

The Bengals take their unblemished record to Pittsburgh where the Steelers would love nothing more than to knock them off their perch. So we turn to Tecmo and look into the future to see how the game is going to play out on Sunday. So far, Tecmo is 5-1 when it comes to predicting the Bengals' 2015 outcomes. Will it be correct again this week?

The Bengals receive the first kick off and Brandon Tate sets them up well with a nice return.

Andy Dalton goes to work in the passing game and finds Mohamed Sanu for a first down and then some.

The Bengals Jeremy Hill finishes the drive with a touchdown for Cincinnati.

On the Steelers first drive, they answer in the passing game. They find large chunks of yards with Heath Miller and the Bengals defense is on its toes.

The drive is capped with a touchdown scramble from newly healthy quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The Bengals answer is quick and easy. Marvin Jones takes advantage of blown coverage and trots in for a score.


At the end of the first quarter, the Bengals lead 14 - 7.

Once again, Roethlisberger gains big yards in a scramble to keep the Steelers drive alive.

Then he finds Antonio Brown for the Steelers second touchdown of the day.

Cameron Heyward gets to Andy Dalton as the Pittsburgh line is picking up intensity in the second quarter.

But, the Steelers defense gets burnt again by a long touchdown pass. This time A.J. Green gets into the endzone.

With short time in the half, the Steelers move themselves into field goal range.

The kick splits the uprights for a Steelers field goal.

At the half, the Bengals lead is 21 - 17. Dalton shows some impressive passing numbers due to the long completions he has.

Speaking of long completions, the Steelers Antonio Brown is on the receiving end of his own and trots in for a score.

The hits keep coming. It seems the secondary took this week off as A.J. Green has the instant answer with a touchdown for Cincinnati.

Pass, Pass, Pass, the passing game rules the day as the Steelers move the ball easily through the air.

And Antonio Brown adds another touchdown to his daily total.

The Bengals offense finally stalls and they fail to pick up a first down.

We are going to see our first punt of the game.

At the end of the third, the Steelers lead by 3.

The Steelers lean on Le'veon Bell to eat yards and clock.

With what is probably the nail in the coffin, the Steelers Will Johnson finds the endzone on a pass from Roethlisberger.

In a last ditch effort, losing by 10, the Bengals sling the ball down the field. A.J. Green makes a couple guys miss and the Bengals score.

With under a minute remaining (not much in Tecmo time) the Bengals attempt the onside kick. In a very rare occurrence, they recover.

A long pass from Andy Dalton to a covered Marvin Jones is a bit off the mark. Jones makes a diving effort and makes a spectacular grab. He looks down and realizes...

... he scored!

With no time left the Bengals pulled out a miracle. WhoDey!