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Week 4 Chiefs vs Bengals: One final thought

Heading into this game the two teams' fanbases are heading in opposite directions. Let's hope the Bengals stay hungry and consider the Chiefs a formidable opponent.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Upsets happen in the NFL every week. The phrase "any given Sunday" exists because there is no sure thing in football. This week we see a Kansas City team limping into the Queen City on a short week. They were just man handled by a very good Green Bay team and look to run into another buzz saw in the Cincinnati Bengals. We have seen this play out before.

Take last season. The Bengals were riding high off their 3-0 start. They were getting ready to take on a Patriots team led by Tom Brady. Only, this Brady was being questioned in the media as possibly being washed up. Their prior game heading into Week 5 showed the Patriots getting demolished by the Chiefs and the Bengals looked ready to add insult to injury coming off a 3-0 start with a Week 4 bye.

The game was not what we expected. The Bengals were never in it. Tom Brady hit his fountain of youth and began a turnaround that would eventually lead to the Super Bowl. All on the backs of an over-confident Bengal team.

Plus, don't think for a second the Chiefs organization forgot about the Chad Johnson and the guarantee. An overconfident Chiefs team came into Cincinnati looking to continue their undefeated season against the lowly Bengals and history was made.

So Sunday the Bengals need to continue playing sound football. Don't get swept up in rankings and what wonderful things are happening with the Ravens and the Steelers. Keep your foot on the gas, score touchdowns and win the games you are supposed to. Because all of this magic goes away as soon as there is a crack in the armor. I don't want KC to be that crack.