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Bengals Week 5 Mailbag: 2015 conjuring up flashbacks to 2005

Containing Russell Wilson, P.J. Dawson's playing time and questions regarding the level of play for Bengals' quarterback Andy Dalton. We answer your questions in this week's Cincy Jungle Mailbag!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar turned to October and for just the second time in 10 years, the Bengals enter Week 5 at 4-0. Expectations and excitement are growing - and so is our mailbag!

A: Wow Geoff, keeping me on my toes with these big words! Appreciate your questions as always. I actually don't see these two teams as similar as you do. The Bengals are a much more balanced offense than the Seahawks, and while I like the Bengals' defense, the Seahawks are much more aggressive and create a lot of plays with that aggressiveness, something this Bengals defense has yet to do.

That being said, your concern of Russell Wilson's mobility is valid and the Bengals ability/inability to contain Wilson may very well be the key to this matchup. The most difficult thing for any quarterback to deal with - mobile or not - is pressure right up the middle and the Bengals can bring that with Geno Atkins. However, with a mobile quarterback like Wilson, when the pressure comes up the middle, the most important thing is that your defensive ends keep him from getting outside. Atkins will get pressure up the middle against a bad Seattle line, so the key will be Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson being able to contain Wilson from getting outside when Atkins pushes him. If Dunlap and Johnson allow themselves to get too far up field and allow Wilson to get outside the pocket, it could be a long day for the Bengals. However, if they do a good job of holding containment and keeping Wilson in the pocket, it will be a long day for Wilson and the Seahawks.

Hey Andre! Good question, and I have been a bit surprised we haven't seen more of P.J. Dawson myself - especially with Vontaze Burfict out and the linebackers having been less than impressive thus far. That being said, Dawson has two things working against him: 1) Marvin Lewis doesn't seem to like to play rookies much on defense (see Dre Kirkpatrick and Darqueze Dennard), and 2) Dawson is a weakside linebacker (WILL) and as such, backs up Vinny Rey and Burfict. If he was a strongside (SAM) linebacker and could replace Emmanuel Lamur, he would likely get more playing time. I think he will get more playing time as the year wears on, but I share your frustration on this one and would like to see Dawson get some more playing time sooner.

There is no more frustrating (and subjective) term used among NFL media than "elite" when it comes to quarterbacks. Regardless of your definition of the term elite, the answer would be no. Dalton is having a very good season, but we are just four games in, so let's pump the brakes a bit.

That is a very good question! They were both 4-0 and statistically, they are eerily similar.










Palmer '05










Dalton '15










Dalton has the slight statistical edge, but in my opinion, despite how well Dalton is playing this year, Carson Palmer of 2005 was special. That year, he was in the discussion with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning among the best quarterbacks playing the game. In my opinion, that team would have made a deep run in the playoffs - and potentially win the Super Bowl - if not for the opening drive injuries to Palmer and the late Chris Henry. Unfortunately, we never got to see what that team could have done. That being said, Dalton is having an amazing start to the season and is playing the best football of his career; Bengals fans should be excited.