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Opposing Outlook: What Seattle Seahawks fans think of the Bengals' Week 5 matchup

Every week we will take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning the upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we peek into Field Gulls' comment section.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As the Bengals get prepared to welcome the Seahawks to Cincinnati, we wondered what the fans of Seattle think about the upcoming game. Currently the Bengals are 3 point favorites, which means Vegas odds makers think this is going to be a competitive game.

We jumped into the comments sections at Field Gulls to gauge a reaction of Seattle fans to the threat the Bengals may pose. We found some fans don't like their team's chances while others are overflowing with confidence. Some fans just don't seem to be happy with the Seahawks' season up to this point.

Join me early
I take a shot of tequila every time the Seahawks score a touchdown. Unfortunately I have yet to get drunk this season :^(.

While others look to the woes that Seattle has on their offensive line and sarcastically predict what could happen on Sunday:

What PC meant to say
Have a heck of a match-up this week with the Bengals. Hope we score more than three points playing with a practice squad O-Line and a QB who's so afraid of getting paralyzed by six guys coming at him at once that he's missing on some opportunities. Lucky for our D, it's the only chance we got.

Still, there are others that don't respect what the Bengals are doing this season:

I know this makes no sense but I think we're going to kill the Bengels
My whole reasoning is that everything is going to click and the guys have big chips on their shoulders from everything being said right now.

You are right, it makes no sense. By the way, who are the Bengels?

This isn't the only fan with that kind of confidence:

I'm soooo not scared of the Bengals
I don't know why, just super confident in our defense right now and for our offense to get off to a fast start.

Seattle likes what they have in the mobility of Russell Wilson and think that gives them a good chance in this game:

Read option!
Last mobile qb Cincy faced were the panthers and Cam ran 107 yards on 17 carries. We got a chance on offense.

Then there is the bulletin board material that fuels the hate from site to site:

After seeing Cincy fans greened up a comment about putting Wilson in the hospital
I hope the defense unleashes everything it has on Cincy and shows its fans how far their team still has to go.

Not forcing balls into bad coverage? Better understanding of defenses? Extending play with his legs in the face of pressure to avoid sacks? Who does that remind me of? Seattle's defense practices against the real Wilson every week, I don't think they'll have a problem with the Wilson wannabe you describe.

Lastly, is the comment of the day. It starts with calling out a red headed soulless demon (wonder who that could be?):

red headed souless demon
Will, as always for the last few seasons gets on these rolles where he is super good then gets flattened out, and I think that's just what is goin to happen, we just got to be patient, calm and collective, and get some protection for russ, just for a second we can't always depend on russells feets, and for the love of the game don't run, on 3rd and 22 haha that was terrible, I yelled at the t.v in a drunk stooper, woke up my wife, got mad at me haha, the game here was at 2.30 a.m I am from Everett, but now resides in Bratislava Slovakia haha, anyways go hawks!!

Again, souless isn't a word (cough, it's soulless), so we'll disregard comments with poor spelling ability.

The nice thing about the chance for the Bengals to beat the Seahawks this weekend is, it's a 1:00 game and the Seahawks are a west coast team. There are just so many more hours in the afternoon in Seattle for these fans to reflect on their misguided optimism as they witness the buzzsaw that is the Cincinnati Bengals.