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Week 8 Bengals vs Steelers: One final thought

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The Bengals face division rival Pittsburgh today and the NFL world tunes in to see how these Bengals handle their perceived bully. I for one think it is much more hype over substance.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

This being Steeler week, we all are just a little more sensitive to the goings on between the two fanbases. Talking to fans and reading their comments online, you see the same puffed chest, obnoxious arrogance of the Steeler fan. Another thing I see is that behavior is just a protective layer as thin as the skin of an onion to the truth. These Steelers are afraid of our Bengals.

Sure, they won't admit it. That would be paying a compliment to a rival (which I have also seen many Bengals fans doing on the Steelers boards, what's up with that?). It's the right move, never let them see the fear in your eyes and Pittsburgh fans are right to continue with their bravado.

Bengals fans however seem scared. Where is the confidence. The team has an undefeated record. No wait, the Bengals have EARNED and undefeated record. They haven't dropped games they should have won and unlike Steelers fans aren't talking about "Well if this would have happened then we would actually be 5-2 or 6-1". That is what we used to do, now the shoe is on the other foot.

What needs to will happen in the game is Cincinnati will show Pittsburgh where it is lacking. This is the Bengals' chance to dominate the black and gold and Cincinnati should be pissed they are current Vegas underdogs. The Vegas line moved all week from a positive for Cincinnati to favoring the Steelers. Why does this happen? Well, it means the majority of the betting is for Pittsburgh and Vegas moves the line to encourage balance on both sides. To simplify, many think this is the Steelers' game to lose.

I call BS. The Bengals need to go in and punch the Steelers in the mouth in their own back yard. Forget the talk of "conservative offense" and "limiting the passes to control the clock" crap I have been reading from Bengals fans. Play the same way you have all year. If anything pass more! If Alex Smith and the Chiefs can move the ball through the air, Andy Dalton should be licking his lips at the possibilities. News Flash Steelers fans, Ben Roethlisberger being out had nothing to do with giving up 23 points to a one dimensional Chiefs offense.

Sit back and enjoy what the Bengals do to Pittsburgh in this game. I know I will.