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State of AFC North: Another Ravens player on IR; which quarterbacks will start for Steelers, Browns

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The Steelers and Browns are set to clash prior to a bye week for both teams, and the Ravens add yet another player to injured reserve.

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As Week 10 kicks off, we take a look at what's going on in the AFC North and who the Ravens, Steelers and Browns play this weekend.

Baltimore Ravens (2-6) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6): Sunday 1:00 p.m. EST

Is it time to add Breshad Perriman to IR?

There has been an obvious disappointment surrounding the Ravens' first round draft pick, Breshad Perriman this season. It really isn't even just that he has taken longer to come back from injury than expected. It is more that the Ravens really need him amid all the injuries they've suffered. The Ravens have been scavenging just to have enough healthy receivers to put out on the field. Perriman is currently taking up a valuable roster spot for a team that already has 12 players on injured reserve. Putting him on IR allows him to make sure he gets completely healthy for next season, since it looks less and less likely he will play this year. It also allows the Ravens to add another player to their active roster to fill a need or add some depth to a position.

Dennis Pitta's career is likely over

Dennis Pitta, one of Joe Flacco's favorite targets, might be officially calling it quits. The Ravens added Pitta to injured reserve at the deadline for activating him to the 53 man roster after he received advice from doctors to not continue his career. It makes sense since it became an unfortunate occurrence that Pitta would re-injure his hip. The writing was almost on the wall for his time in Baltimore anyway, given the importance they put on adding young tight ends. Still, given the Ravens' condition this season with pass catchers, Pitta would've been a welcomed addition.

Cleveland Browns (2-7) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4): Sunday 1:00 p.m. EST

Browns' first round pick to make debut Sunday

With Cleveland guard Joel Bitonio out for Sunday's clash with the Steelers, the door has been open for Cleveland's first round pick, Cameron Erving, to start at left guard. It has been widely speculated that Alex Mack will terminate his contract at the end of the season, leaving an opening for Erving at center, but game reps, even at a different position, are invaluable for developing young players.

Browns end Robert Turbin and Jayson DiManche experiments

The Browns waived both Robert Turbin and former Bengals linebacker, Jayson DiManche this week. Robert Turbin, when added, was looked at as a potential starter, but after struggling with fumbles, it was clear he couldn't be trusted to run the ball. This opens up the Browns to give Duke Johnson more playing time. Considering how much of a lift he has given the offense in his limited playing time, it could be a good move. DiManche was more a victim of the Browns needing to clear spots due to the Bitonio injury and adding Charles Gaines back to the active roster after being on short term IR. DiManche was inactive against the Bengals last week.

Josh McCown to start if healthy

The Browns are 2-7. Even if they ran the table they'd be 9-7 and probably on the outside looking in at the playoffs. Their roster is not just a quarterback away from being a playoff team, that run defense couldn't stop a runny nose. Yet Mike Pettine plans on sticking to his guns with Josh McCown as his starter. The simple question is why? Pettine criticized Johnny Manziel's performance Thursday night, saying he missed easy reads. Well if you want Manziel to get more comfortable reading defenses, it won't be with a clipboard on the sideline. At some point the Browns will have to learn exactly what they have in Manziel, but right now they aren't even giving him a chance to improve or prove himself.

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) vs Cleveland Browns (2-7): Sunday 1:00 p.m.

Tomlin hoping for Ben Roethlisberger to play

Mike Tomlin is saying everything he needs to to keep the Browns concerned about Ben Roethlisberger's status for Sunday. But, the simple fact is it would be negligent to throw him out there in that condition. We saw how he wasn't moving around perfectly in his return against the Bengals, and he didn't look much better last week when the Raiders came to town. If you throw him out there with no mobility, and two fairly significant injuries to potentially re-injure, it doesn't make sense given they have a bye next week. The odds of Roethlisberger playing are far less than the odds of the Steelers giving him two full weeks to get those injuries right, and have him ready for a second half push.

Steelers injury report filled with major contributors

Obviously Roethlisberger didn't participate Wednesday, but more importantly DeAngelo Williams, who is filling in for Le'Veon Bell was out and Ryan Shazier and James Harrison didn't participate in practice as well with various inflammations to injuries. It's hard to say if any of them will miss Sunday's game, but Williams and Shazier are the most notable; Shazier was  routinely burned by the Raiders last week. He just never looked quite right. If Williams fails to suit up for game day, that would be a huge blow to the offense that is planning on leaning on him with Landry Jones set to start for Roethlisberger.

Steelers ready for Josh McCown Sunday

A week after Derek Carr carved up the Steelers' secondary, the Steelers might be hoping it's Manziel and not McCown who plays this weekend. But, Mike Pettine has said that if healthy, it will be McCown. If Manziel plays, the Steelers' edge rushers can't just run up field leaving wide open escape lanes for a mobile quarterback to take advantage of.  They have done that in the past, most recently against the Raiders last week. It was something the Bengals did in the first half of last Thursday night's game against the Browns, but adjusted in the second half. Still, with the lack of weapons the Browns have at their disposal, it might be hard for either quarterback to have success Sunday.