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It's official: Media obsessed with Andy Dalton's hair

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8-0 isn't fun enough, Andy Dalton's hair is the most important topic in Cincinnati right now.

It's official, the Bengals media is so bored with the team's success that three minutes of today's press conference were dedicated to Andy Dalton's hair. Yes, it's 2015, the Bengals are 8-0 and Andy Dalton's hair is the biggest celebrity in Cincinnati.

"That's the one thing that everybody seems to be focusing on this year is my hair, for whatever reason," Dalton said when meeting with the media today. "I understand the color, I've gotten that one a lot. But now I've got the style down and everybody wants to talk about it. It is what it is. It's been a lot of fun."

He continued, "The funny thing is people will say, 'Oh this is a new hairstyle' and they'll post a picture of me from last year. I feel like I kind of had a similar hairstyle last year, but now all of a sudden it's became a big deal."

Yup, Dalton's hair is officially a big deal. is posting stories about it, everyone is Tweeting about it, and well, look here, we've found ourselves talking about it too, but mostly because, who can believe we're living in a world where Andy Dalton's hair takes center stage?

There's even an "Andy Dalton's hair" Twitter account.

Wallace Gilberry got in on the Dalton hair talk, too.

It's not only the media that's taking notice of Dalton's hair, the fans are, too, and some are even copying his style.

This person even thinks the Bengals will win the Super Bowl BECAUSE of Dalton's hair:

Just don't ask him what he uses to make his hair look so good; he's not sharing his secrets.