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Fantasy Football: Quarterback rankings heading into Week 10

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The NFL season is halfway over. How do the quarterbacks stack up in a fantasy football perspective? Where does Andy Dalton rank?

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Time And Relative Dimension In Space: T.A.R.D.I.S.

With the total letdown from the top of most fantasy football drafts this year, it would be nice to borrow the Doctor’s T.A.R.D.I.S.and travel back a few months in order to re-do draft picks.

What do Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Alex Smith, and Jameis Winston all have in common? They all have more points in standard fantasy football leagues than the consensus top selected QB Andrew Luck. In many drafts, those other QBs weren’t even drafted. And now Luck is slated to miss the next few weeks – yikes!

With this in mind, we rank the top fantasy football quarterbacks going forward for the rest of the season?

Elite: Tom Brady

Per game, Brady has a big lead with the most passing touchdowns per game (2.8), fewest interceptions per game (0.3), and second most passing yards per game (339).

Great: Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers
Newton’s rushing totals boost him up into this group with much more prolific passers.

Very Good: Derek Carr, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers
Palmer has the yards and touchdowns to be rated higher, but too many interceptions and nothing on the ground. If you take out Carr’s injury-shortened Week 1, his average per game production pushes him into the next tier up. Rivers has the yards, but lacks the touchdowns or rushing to push him up a notch.

Tyrod Taylor, Tony Romo
Taylor is only second to Newton in rushing production for a quarterback. Those hidden points boost him into QB1 territory. Injuries have scared away owners, meaning he is available in half of the leagues out there. Romo is a perennial top-12 quarterback in fantasy. He is slated to return from injury soon, making now the time to grab him. He’s available in 33 percent of fantasy leagues. Bortles is averaging 300 yards passing over the last five weeks. Playing in a bad division, he gets some easy matchups coming up, including the Ravens this week.

Underrated: Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Marcus Mariota

These players are generally not owned in most leagues, but they are scoring much better than many of the perceived top quarterbacks (who we mention below). Hoyer has been very consistent; McCown and Mariota are more matchup dependent.

Overrated: Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning
These are quarterbacks who you likely drafted a bit too high, and probably aren’t going to cut, no matter how many more games they cost you. Luck has had an injury plagued year, Manning has continued his struggles from late 2014, and Ryan continues to lose touchdown pass opportunities to an emergent Devonta Freeman.

What do you think about these rankings? Which quarterbacks have helped boost your team this season?