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Week 10 Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals: Tecmo Bowl Futures

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Cincinnati once again becomes the focus of the NFL world as they take on the Houston Texans on Monday night football. I once again pop the Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge into my NES and set up to simulate the game. At 7-1, Tecmo has done a pretty good job of predicting the Bengals' season so far. So how does the Nostradamus of Nintendo think this game is going to play out?

The Bengals start with the football and begin their attack on the ground.

It didn't take long to become reacquainted with J.J. Watt. He gets to Andy Dalton for the drive killing sack.

The Bengals are forced to punt.

Vontaze Burfict gets in on the sack party by taking down Brian Hoyer.

The Texans are also forced to punt on their first drive.

Dalton looks downfield and finds Marvin Jones who gains a bunch of yards after the catch. The Bengals offense may be finding some rhythm on their second drive.

Rhythm killer Watt disrupts again.

The Bengals try for a field goal.

Mike Nugent nails it, the Bengals are on the board first.

At the end of the first, the Bengals lead 3-0.

The Texans start the second quarter moving the football with ease.

Nate Washington hauls in the Hoyer pass for the first touchdown of the day. That drive was much too easy.

Cincinnati begins to struggle on offense.

The drive once again ends with a field goal attempt.

Trading field goals for touchdowns the Bengals pull to within one.

The Texans smooth second drive is matched in their third as Hoyer has all kinds of time to pick the Bengals secondary appart.

His final pass of the drive leaves the Texans in a first and goal situation on the one yard line.

Alfred Blue has no issue scoring from here.

The Bengals try and get a quick score before the half but A.J. Green gets caught as time expires.

At the half the Texans lead with a score of 14 - 6.

The Texans move the ball far too easy against the Bengals as they position themselves for some more scoring.

The touchdown pass from Hoyer to Jay Prosch was uncontested. The Bengals may be looking at a loss unless they get something going.

Fumbling the football is not the way to get back in the game. Jeremy Hill coughs it up and the Texans recover.

The Cincinnati defense wakes up as Geno Atkins crashes the line and gets to Hoyer.

Houston can not capitalize on the Cincinnati turnover. They are forced to punt back to the Bengals.

As the third quarter comes to an end, Dalton sees Marvin Jones with a step on his defender. He heaves the ball and Jones is able to trot in for the score.

At the end of the third, the Texans still lead 21 - 13.

The sack party continues for the Bengals as both Vontaze Burfict and Vincent Rey get to the quarterback.

The Texans punt again.

Cincinnati moves the football, but the clock may become their biggest foe.

Vince Wilfork does his best to shut down the Cincinnati offense.

But, Dalton and company trudge forward and score another touchdown.

With little time left the Bengals try for the onside kick. The ball takes several odd bounces but in the end the Bengals are able to recover.

A quick pass to A.J. Green sets the Bengals up for a possible winning field goal.

Mike Nugent stays true as Cincinnati pulls out the win at home.