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Opposing Outlook: What Houston Texans fans think of Bengals' Week 10 matchup

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Every week we will take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we peek into Battle Red Blog's comment section.

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Once again I pull back the covers of an opponent's' blog to see what the fans think of their upcoming matchup with the Bengals. This week I look at the Battle Red Blog and find a mixed bag of optimism and dread. I also am seeing a pattern of a few of you Bengals fans popping into opposing comments sections preaching about how you respect their team and think the game will be closer than most think. Whatever floats your boat I guess....

Some Texans fans lean on the fact that their quarterbacks have had success against the Bengals in the past:

Na, we got this.
Our QB's have a 4-0 record against the bengals by a combined total of 92-38.

Don't ask me for more reasons why we will win because I don't have any.

This wasn't the only commenter to mention this fact:

Think About it Guys
The quarterbacks on our roster are a combined 4-0 against the Bengals. We can't possibly lose.

Logic begins to fade after that as the next comment looks to Cincinnati's perceived struggles in primetime as the reason Houston will walk away with the win:

cinci chokes in prime time....period
houston finally got their spark on Defense last week.

Indi upsets denver/ houston upsets cinci....all within 8 days

this has all the makings of a great game, IF the defense shows up.

From there, the naysayers show up. Many Texans fans just feel that Cincinnati is going to dominate this game. As they watched the Thursday night matchup between the Bengals and the Browns, they witnessed the strengths of the Bengals' offense and defense and had a lot to say about it:

Looking at their offense running up the middle is a focus for them and a weakness for the Texans.
And they have chewed the Browns off coverage to shreds. I can see them hitting 28-35 points.

To me the Texans defense doesn't match up all that well with them.

One response to the points mentioned in the above comment was " the first quarter". The performance of Tyler Eifert and his hat trick was also a major point in the comments:

Over under on how many tds eifert hangs on us?

Hope is a word used to describe the next commenter, while there is no real reason, maybe the Texans could win?

While I'm expecting us to get torched, just maybe they took this time to fix some mistakes and get healthy. If we were to beat cincy it would shake things up in the division. If we get blown out of the water itll be draft talk the rest of the year.

My favorites are the fans who have given up hope:

get ready to be don't realize how bad this team is..or maybe you do?

I'd love to be proved wrong as well but we suck.

And lastly, this is the one prediction I hope comes true:

We are about to be curbstomped. That's a very good Cincy team.