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How do beer prices at Paul Brown Stadium compare to rest of NFL?

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A look at the cheapest beer prices across the NFL and where Paul Brown Stadium's beer prices rank,

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Beer at NFL games isn't typically cheap, but which stadiums have the best deals when it comes to buying bear? According to one survey, it's the Cincinnati Bengals who sell the cheapest beer in the NFL.

VinePair put together an interesting infographic, which shows the cheapest beers that can be bought inside each NFL stadium on game day.

The league average for the cheapest beer you can find at a stadium is $7.42 for a 16.1 ounce drink, which comes out to $0.46 per ounce.

The three teams with the cheapest beers available have a combined NFL record of 18-6, while the three teams with the most expensive beer have a combined record of 13-12. Is there a correlation? We’ll let you decide.

Also of note, the average NFC team charges 11% more for their cheapest beer ($0.49 per oz) than the average AFC team ($0.44 per oz).

Below is the lowest priced beer available at each of the 32 NFL stadiums on game day:

Team Price oz Price / oz
Cincinnati Bengals $5.00 14 $0.36
New England Patriots $7.50 20 $0.38
Jacksonville Jaguars $6.00 16 $0.38
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $7.75 20 $0.39
Miami Dolphins $7.75 20 $0.39
New York Giants $5.00 12 $0.42
Seattle Seahawks $5.00 12 $0.42
Carolina Panthers $5.00 12 $0.42
New York Jets $5.00 12 $0.42
Cleveland Browns $5.00 12 $0.42
Houston Texans $5.00 12 $0.42
Denver Broncos $6.75 16 $0.42
Minnesota Vikings $7.00 16 $0.44
Indianapolis Colts $7.00 16 $0.44
Tennessee Titans $7.00 16 $0.44
Washington Redskins $9.00 20 $0.45
St Louis Rams $9.00 20 $0.45
Buffalo Bills $9.00 20 $0.45
San Diego Chargers $9.00 20 $0.45
Kansas City Chiefs $7.25 16 $0.45
Chicago Bears $9.25 20 $0.46
Detroit Lions $7.50 16 $0.47
Atlanta Falcons $7.50 16 $0.47
Green Bay Packers $7.75 16 $0.50
Pittsburgh Steelers $8.00 16 $0.50
Dallas Cowboys $8.50 16 $0.50
Baltimore Ravens $8.50 16 $0.53
Oakland Raiders $10.75 20 $0.54
New Orleans Saints $9.00 16 $0.56
Arizona Cardinals $7.25 12 $0.60
San Francisco 49ers $10.00 16 $0.63
Philadelphia Eagles $8.50 12 $0.71
- - - NFL AVERAGE - - - $7.42 16.1 $0.46

The worst price offenders of supply and demand markup at an NFL game are the concessions at Lincoln Financial Field for the Philadelphia Eagles.They charge $8.50 for a 12 oz beer. Keep in mind, there are more expensive beers at each stadium, these are simply the cheapest beer prices available in the stadium.

The cheapest beer at Lincoln Financial Field comes out to $0.71 per ounce, which is 13 percent higher than the next team on the last and almost 60 percent higher than the league average. It is also about double the price of the cheapest beer per ounce in the league.

Thanks to their below average price per ounce, Cleveland Browns' fans gladly shared some free beer with former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

The cheapest beer you can find at an NFL stadium is $5.00. Seven teams sell $5 beer, the Bengals, Browns, Giants, Jets, Panthers, Seahawks and Texans

Six of those teams give you 12 ounces in exchange for your green portrait of Abraham Lincoln – but the Bengals give you 14 ounces. Those two extra ounces help the Bengals claim the title as the team with the best value for cheap beer at their stadium.

Not only are the Bengals going that extra mile on the field to stay undefeated, but they are going that "extra ounce" at the Paul Brown Stadium concessions to make sure their fans are the most economically quenched in the league. And for that, we can only say "Who Dey!"