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NFL odds for Week 10: Tyler Eifert is balling and Vegas has taken notice

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We look at some player props that Bengals are in the hunt for and how the Bengals' Super Bowl odds were changed after the big primetime win.

We have all known Tyler Eifert has huge potential since the day he was drafted. I have been one of his biggest supporters since that day, but even I couldn't have envisioned the kind of production he's having this year. Eifert now has 3 to 1 odds to lead the league in touchdown receptions this season, which is unbelievable. He's been a monster in the red zone, with all the other weapons on this this team.

Eifert now leads all receivers in touchdowns, even after Sunday's games and before the Bengals play in Week 10. Eifert is also on pace to double the Bengals' franchise record for touchdowns by a tight end, held by Bob Trumpy. He actually could pass the all time Bengals record of 17 TDs in a season held by Carl Pickens. Remember that year, Jeff Blake would be like "hey Carl, we're down by 30 go long," yeah those numbers are slightly situationally inflated too. To be honest, Eifert should have 10 touchdown catches already, but he was robbed of one in the Baltimore game, because no one in the NFL actually knows what a catch is. The fact is, Eifert is having an amazing year statistically and more importantly, he has been crucial to the Bengals' 8-0 start.

The same thing can be said for the year Carlos Dunlap is having statistically on the other side of the ball. When he is asked about it, he points to how much impact Geno Atkins is having in the middle as a factor for his success on the outside. He's just being humble though, Dunlap has been an absolute terror to opposing quarterbacks where he is constantly getting pressure and he's been much improved versus the run this year. He is currently one sack behind the leader Chandler Jones. Dunlap is tied with J.J. Watt for the second most sacks, so tonight's game could change things at the top of the sack leader board. Dunlap is the third favorite to win the sack title this year, but I think his only real competition is Watt. I think it'll be tough for Jones to play all of the remaining eight games and keep up with Dunlap and Watt. The Bengals are 8-0 for a reason and that's because of the excellent play from their stars on both sides of the ball and Dunlap is definitely one of those stars.

It's crazy what a primetime game can do for your odds in the eyes of Vegas. The Bengals kicked the primetime stigma last week against the Browns and as a result they saw some interesting changes occur with the oddsmakers for the Super Bowl 50 odds.  With the Packers second straight loss in Week 9, their odds fell again and New England is an even heavier favorite to win it all. The increase in New England’s odds has to do with the weakening NFC field and not anything else. In the eyes of Vegas, New England is a weaker team with the loss of Dion Lewis, but oddsmakers seem to really feel the Super Bowl is going to go to an AFC team, so the odds for the Patriots are still rising. That is why we also see the Bengals' odds increased this week after beating a not good Browns team. Since the Bengals' and the Patriots' odds both increased, the NFC teams' odds decreased, which shows you that Vegas thinks the Patriots and Bengals are two favorites to win the Super Bowl. If the Patriots were not in the AFC the Bengals might be the favorite to win it all.