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Week 10 Bengals vs Texans: Submit your game score prediction

The Bengals kickoff at 8:25 p.m. EST and we're basically just wasting the day away waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

For the first time last week, there were a number of really close guesses for the score of the Bengals' game. Here are some of your notable predictions for the Bengals vs Browns outcome, which was a 31-10 victory for the Bengals that brought their record to 8-0. I actually came quite close with my prediction, guessing 33-10! So close, as were many of you.

Scars&Stripes: 34-14

DeyjaWho: 30-24

ThisGuy10: 30-10

Zak45011: 30-10

Stiped Zeitgeist: 31-13

Cin City: 34-10

BrooksWV: 28-10

Lightskin350: 31-13

Trabba: 27-13

Bengaldave: 35-9

Capflum: 31-17

Laces_out: 35-10

GenoSacks: 27-17

Jcgrossman: 30-13

Citizen54: 28-10

AjAllDay: 27-13

SouthernmostBengalsfan: 38-10

Whodey006: 24-10

bengalinfloriday: 34-14

SinceJimBreech: 33-6

We had an impressive list last week and got much closer to correctly guessing the outcome, but still, we have no perfect prediction. What do you think will happen tonight when the Bengals take on the Texans in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football? Leave your prediction in the collector widget below and share with us how you see the game playing out in the comments!