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Week 10 Texans vs Bengals: One final thought

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Tonight I look at the game with a little different perspective. The Bengals facing the Texans is a welcome distraction and outlet for emotions for many people.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This isn't a political post or an article with a hidden agenda, this is a post to simply state I am excited about enjoying a football game tonight. The Bengals have the opportunity to improve on an already historic opening to a season on the national stage. Cincinnati is a huge favorite at home in a game where they can again show the NFL-loving world they are a force to be reckoned with. We watched Denver fall off the map the last few weeks and the Giants choke away an opportunity to beat the Patriots again.

I am sure there will be some kind of tribute to the senseless violence in Paris late last week when the Bengals take the field tonight. For whatever reason, this latest attack weighs heavy on me. So many people out for a night on the town in Paris enjoying a drink, dinner or concert were faced with absolute ugliness. What started as a beginning to a great evening, turned into an international tragedy. Paris may be the site currently in the news, but this stuff happens far too frequently everywhere.

Tonight, I will be out, having a drink, enjoying a football game and I would be remiss to not for a moment think about how lucky I am. Life is too short for ugliness, so my hope for this evening is that the Bengals can help to take our minds off of whatever it is we are dealing with. So as you settle in to watch tonight's football game, wherever you may be, take a moment to say thanks for the opportunity we have to do that. Be good to your fellow fans.