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Bengals vs Texans: Tweets, immediate reaction from Bengals first loss of season

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Look on the bright side, the Bengals are 8-1.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals suffered their first loss of the season and the Twitterverse reacted with a lot of hate and negativity, but some optimism and reminders that even with a loss, the Bengals are 8-1. For perspective, before the season, who wouldn't have been thrilled with the Bengals sitting at 8-1? Here's a roundup of the reactions from Cincinnati media, national media, Bengals fans and some general NFL fans, too. Warning: A lot of this isn't pretty, but some of the Tweets, specifically, those out of the Bengals' locker room offer a look at just how chock-full of leadership this Bengals team is, even despite a loss.