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Adam Jones on Hopkins' touchdown: Put the game on me

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Adam Jones was very vocal in the locker room after the Bengals' loss to the Texans on Monday night. Reporters gathered around as he took credit for not making a play on the Texans only touchdown.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Jones is not only exciting on the field, he is also pretty exciting when he gets vocal after a game. In his post-game frustrations after the Bengals lost to the Texans on Monday Night Football, Jones had a crowd of reporters around his locker as he took credit for not making a play on DeAndre Hopkins' touchdown catch:

"I'm one of the captains on the team, and when my number is called, 24 needs to make the play. I hold everybody in here accountable, and everybody knows that. When my number is called, I've got to make the play. Period, point-blank. Today, I didn't make the play that potentially could have won us the game. S---, if they don't score right there, they probably get a field goal and we go to overtime. It is what it is, man. I've got to look at it but right now I'm pissed! ... at myself. I should have f---ing pushed him out."

We often talk about emotion and accountability in professional sports. It is awesome how Jones proves he is a leader by owning up to a key play in the game. The only problem is, it was an incredible throw and catch. Almost indefensible and really not the reason the Bengals ultimately lost the game.

When a reporter alluded to the fact that it was an outstanding play, Jones didn't care. ""I don't care about that s---, I have to make the play. I got to make the play. Put that in the blogs. Put the game on me."

It would be irresponsible to pin the loss on one play and especially that play in particular. Jones wasn't finished talking about the game though.

"We're 8-1. How many games have they won? Thank God for them. They've won four f—— games. They act like they won the Super Bowl. Kudos to them."

In the Texans' defense, this kind of was their biggest game of the season so far, a Super Bowl of sorts. They have little chance of making the playoffs (although in their terrible division they currently share the lead for the division with a losing record) and not much of a chance of doing an real damage if they make the postseason. Bengals fans will be reminded of the elation we felt when the Bengals knocked off the Kansas City Chiefs on their undefeated run.

Veteran leaders will take the lumps and be held accountable for games in order to show the rest of the team is a unified group. Adam Jones played a very good football game and handled the post game the right way. Emotions were raw and owning mistakes is the only way to improve. A number of Bengals players tried to take blame for Monday's loss, but what's important is moving forward and beating the Cardinals on Sunday Night Football.