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Week 10 Bengals social media roundup: Rookies pay bill

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Losing is definitely not as fun as winning on social media.

The Bengals suffered their first loss of the season, and the post-game reaction was noticeably different than it has been for the last eight games. There were no celebrations and just a few post-game takes on social media as most of the players stayed quiet. Here's a look inside the social media action from the Bengals leading up to Week 10.

Andrew Whitworth took a cute picture with his kids when dropping them off at school last week.

Just pulled up at school!! #letsgetit #family #mycrew #getyourenergyup

A photo posted by Andrew Whitworth (@awhitworth77) on

The defensive line went out for dinner, and word is, the rookies paid for the hefty bill.

"Rookie Night" #DlineSQUAD #Savages 8-0! ~23sacks as unit in this photo, but still not SATISFIED. #WhoDey

A photo posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Carlos Dunlap gave a shout out to his dad on Veteran's Day, captioning this photo saying, "Appreciate you guys and everything you did/do for our country. (Pic) Pops on #Navy Ship Back in the Day."

There was a great story on Andrew Whitworth's wife, Melissa on, if you haven't read it yet, it's definitely worth a read.


A photo posted by Dre Kirkpatrick (@drepic6) on

Andy Dalton spent his Friday night grocery shopping with his wife and son, Noah.


A photo posted by Andy Dalton (@andydalton14) on

A group of Bengals offensive players went to dinner at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse last week.

Almost That Time #MNF #WhoDey #letsroar

A photo posted by @genosacks on

Waiting until Monday to play is hard for the players, too.

1 More Day til #MNF, #Bengals vs Texans!!! #WhoDeyNation #LetsRoar Find A Way To Get to 9-0! #WhoDey!!!

A video posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Adam Jones' house looks nice...

My security !!!

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

The weekly Baby Sanu is too cute picture.

Mohamed Sanu's wallet-charger looks pretty convenient for long days like Monday.

Here's the type of wallet you need to stay for tonight's game.. #NomadWallet #ChargedUp

A photo posted by Mohamed Sanu Sr. (@mohamedsanu) on

Hello world !!!! Game day Cinn turn the Fuck up !!!

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

Sanu's cleats are once again awesome.

Why So Serious? ️ #Joker #KOTD

A photo posted by Mohamed Sanu Sr. (@mohamedsanu) on

Wallace Gilberry takes pride in his appearance, especially on gamedays.

Game day! Gotta go make it happen!!!

A photo posted by Leon Hall (@lastarza9) on

This is how Jones shows up to the locker room.

Already !!!!!! Team24 !!!! @ somebody if you rocking with the KID

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

Back To The Grind. We'll be fine.... #WhoDey

A photo posted by Carlos Dunlap (@employee96) on

Coming back to where we started, we'll end with Whitworth taking his kids to school again on Tuesday morning after Monday's loss. Nothing stops family time for the Whitworth's.

Can't Stop! Won't Stop! Love this crew! #letsgetit #energybus #getyourmindright #coffeeplease

A photo posted by Andrew Whitworth (@awhitworth77) on