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Jeremy Hill says Bengals lacked focus vs Texans; veteran players build up Sunday night as "huge"

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A few key Bengals spoke to the local media on Wednesday, and had some very interesting things to say about the loss against the Texans and the upcoming matchup against Carson Palmer and the Cardinals.

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With the slamming of the Bengals by the media this week, you would have thought Cincinnati was on a long losing streak in 2015, not sitting at the top of the AFC playoff picture at 8-1. It's somewhat deserving, given the poor performance by the team on the national stage, accentuated by the odd jabs exchanged by Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt and Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

Select Bengals spoke to the media on Wednesday before practice and talked about the ugly first loss of the season, as well as their thoughts on the big upcoming Sunday Night Football matchup against Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals.

As some may have expected, one star on the team noted the Bengals' focus wasn't where it should have been. The sentiment is painfully obvious with the offense's lack of success and just six points scored on Monday Night Football.

Hill had just 15 yards on seven carries, while the rest of the offense sputtered. A predictable passing attack and a number of uncharacteristic penalties also point to Hill's assessment of the team's lack of focus against what was perceived as a lesser opponent.

Meanwhile, two team longtime team captains, Domata Peko and Andrew Whitworth, also sounded off on the team and their thoughts on facing their former quarterback again. The long-tenured Bengals were not shy about the magnitude of Sunday night's matchup against the Cardinals.

The last time the Bengals faced Palmer in the regular season was in 2012 when he was with the Raiders. It was a year after Cincinnati traded him to Oakland, and Palmer's first return to Paul Brown Stadium after he made it public he no longer wanted to play for the team. Cincinnati demolished the Raiders 34-10, while sacking Palmer four times and forcing two turnovers. This year, Palmer has had an MVP-like season and looks to continue the trend against his former team. Peko and Whitworth were two players on the team who happened to be teammates with Palmer back when he was in Cincinnati.

Will the Bengals bring back their razor-sharp focus from the first eight games this year as they take the national stage once again this week?