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Bruce Arians expects no hangover from Bengals but says 'no chance' Cardinals lose

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There's no questioning Bruce Arians' confidence in any team he coaches.

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While Bills head coach Rex Ryan is viewed as the NFL's most outspoken and overly-confident head coach, Bruce Arians isn't far behind him.

Since Arians became the Cardinals' head coach in 2013, he's been one of the more open NFL coaches you'll find. He has a level of confidence that's infectious to the teams he coaches. After the Cardinals scored a big road win in Seattle last week, the thought of a letdown at home against the Bengals is something Arians said there's no chance of happening.

"There's no chance of a letdown," Arians said Monday via "There might be a letdown today, but there won't be any for Sunday."

Though the Bengals lost on Monday night in lackluster fashion to the Texans, Arians still knows his team won't have a hangover against what's still a great opponent.

"Nah. As soon as the guys showed up for work today, it was back to normal," Arians said. "There's no hangover. The Bengals are too damn good."

Arians has quietly been one of the league's most successful coaches in terms of how much his teams have won while he was an assistant or head coach. From 2004-2011, Arians was an assistant for a Steelers franchise that made six playoff trips, four conference championships, three Super Bowls, and hoisted two Lombardi trophies.

Arians then became the Colts offensive coordinator in 2012, where he ended up being the head man for much of the year as Chuck Pagano recovered from leukemia. Arians guided Indy to an 11-5 mark one year after they went 2-14.

In just three years as a head coach of the Cardinals, Arians has compiled a 28-13 record with one playoff trip and another likely coming this year. That's looking even more likely after Sunday's win over a Seahawks team that's been the bully of the NFC, but now it's Arizona that looks poised to at least dethrone Seattle atop the NFC West.

"It reassures it," Arians said. "You don’t lack any confidence for sure, but it reassures it when you go there and win. It just helps to build it. A win like that can lead to a really good week of practice, which leads to better weeks."

This may end up being the most difficult game to win for the Bengals this season as they face a very confident and red-hot Cardinals team that appears healthy coming into this game.

During Sunday night's win over Seattle, stud guard Mike Iupati was taken off the field in an ambulance after a collision with Seattle safety Kam Chancellor. On Thursday, Iupati was back on the field during practice, a good sign he'll play Sunday night. Iupati was also in the concussion protocol, and it's unclear if he's been cleared to play by an independent neurologist.

Arians did say that Iupati has, "already been cleared. Now whether or not he plays, we'll wait and see." His presence will be huge for Arizona in blocking Bengals All-Pro tackle Geno Atkins consistently.

As for the big storyline this week, Arians isn't buying into the 'Bengals vs Carson Palmer' talk. While it is a big game for Palmer, Arians knows this is team sport and this game will be won or lost by a team effort.

"It’s not about that anymore," Arians said. "It’s about the game this week. I think there are some storylines that people are trying to write, but I don’t think he has any."

The talking points of this game should really be a 7-2 team hosting an 8-1 club with both looking like Super Bowl contenders. That alone should have both teams bringing their A-games on Sunday night in a matchup that should take all four quarters to decide.