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Steelers prove hypocritical in celebrating Bengals WR Marvin Jones' injury from Week 8

There's never any love lost in what's become one of the NFL's best rivalries.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals vs Steelers games are annually one of the NFL's most physical and hard-hitting games, and that was again the case in Week 8.

Unfortunately, one of those hits left star running back Le'Veon Bell with a torn MCL; he'll out for the rest of the season. The injury in question is getting a lot of attention after linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who made the tackle, appeared to celebrate after the play. But he was doing just that, celebrating the tackle, not the injury. That angered guard Ramon Foster and several other Steelers as they made it a point to call out Burfict after the game.

However, Foster may need to take a step back and worry about his own teammates before criticizing others. Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth pointed out on Twitter how Foster "should watch his own team" in reference to Steelers safety Mike Mitchell's big hit on Marvin Jones.

Like Burfict's hit on Bell, it was a perfectly legal play that unfortunately caused an injury, though Jones' injury was obviously not as serious as Bell's; Jones appeared to get the wind knocked out of him and returned later in the game.

Celebrating right after the hit while running across the field is exactly what the Steelers criticized Burfict for doing, and they turned right around and did the same thing to Jones, minutes later.

But Mitchell is going to ignore that for the sake of making the Bengals and Burfict look bad. For all they knew, that hit could have busted Jones' spleen, given him a concussion or something worse as he laid there in pain. It's sickening to ever see a player celebrating someone else's injury and foolish to put blame on someone without truly knowing what was going through their mind.

Point being, the Steelers are hypocrites for calling out Burfict for possibly celebrating Bell's injury while their own players celebrated Jones' injury, in the same game. Making this even more egregious for Pittsburgh was Mitchell told A.J. Green, "you’re next," after the hit on Jones, indicating he planned to cause some harm to Green as well, per multiple media sources.

So, not only are the Steelers criticizing Burfict for an act they also committed, but their own player even suggested they were ready to injure another Bengals player in the same manner. Also, we can't forget Mitchell's big hit last season that left Green concussed. In case you forgot, concussions are a very scary thing, and Green's concussion left him unable to play in the Bengals' Wild Card playoff game against the Colts.

Again, none of this is meant to defend Burfict and what he may or may not have done, but to point out the ridiculous level of hypocrisy the Steelers showed on Sunday.

Also, in case you didn't realize, Mitchell ended up leaving the game with a potential concussion of his own and will now be going through the league's concussion protocol; karma certainly is something.