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Opposing Outlook: What Arizona Cardinal fans think of Bengals in Week 11

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Every week we will take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we peek into Revenge of the Bird's comment section.

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Much of the Bengals upcoming game against the Cardinals has been focused around former Cincinnati quarterback and current Arizona quarterback, Carson Palmer. Deep down, we all know it stings for CP to see the team he forced his way out of make the postseason EVERY YEAR since he left.

But, this piece is not about Palmer. It is about what Cardinals fans think of this week's upcoming game. Cardinals fans are a rare breed. They somehow have convinced themselves that they are not one of the bottom tier organizations in the NFL. Sure they are having a fine season this year, but success is not something that comes often for this team. Peppered through their comment sections is a feeling of superiority over the Bengals. I find this hilarious. This is a team that has enjoyed 5 winning seasons since 1985. Just 5. The Bengals have matched that same total in the last 6 years.

So yeah, what were you saying about our poorly run organization?

Anyway, onto the commenters. Some of them truly respect the Bengals and the team they will be facing:

If it wasn't a grudge match before their loss, it certainly is one now!
I'm with you, I think it's going to be another heavyweight fight, and the Cards will need to show that Heart of a Champion they put on display last week.
Go Cards!

That is an interesting take. The perception that the Bengals will be hungrier based on this dismal performance last week is probably true.

We just had our bye, ouch.
Also CIN has a beastly inside pass rush, so we'll need good play from our to Gs and the C, let's go !

The Bengals do offer quite a formidable pass rush. Others are excited to play the Bengals based on what they watched in the Houston game:

I sure do feel better about playing the Bengals on Sunday after how they looked tonight.


For some reason I'm not as nervous playing the Bengals.


I never was nervous about playing them
But I do feel better about playing them and getting the win. They sure didn't look like a 9-0 team tonight?

As a Bengals fan we scratch our heads regarding how a team that is supposed to be so good lost to Landry Jones and the Steelers...

Then the confident comments begin to increase. Apparently the Cardinals are very excited about their pass defense and take jabs that Cincinnati would be boasting their NUMBER 1 SCORING DEFENSE

Andy Dalton has only 5 Interceptions so far this season, but it's called the "no fly zone" for a reason, expect that stat to increase. The Honey Badger is hungry after last week's taste test.

Then there is a little bit of hurt feelings over an overused nickname:

I saw on Cincy Jungle that they are trying to call their secondary the no fly zone. They'll see the actual no fly zone on Sunday.

Then, my favorite. Comments have spiraled into the hero that is Carson Palmer. Apparently he was never surrounded by talent in Cincinnati and it took his little crybaby holdout to change the organization. They say Bengals fans are "butt hurt" about losing Palmer and the animosity is fueled by jealousy. Here is one of my favorite comments:

carson is a way better qb than dalton
it will be seen this weekend

Hmmm, I wonder what this is based on? First, their career quarterback ratings are identical, 87.6 for each. Should we look at post season appearances? Dalton 4 (every single season he has been in the NFL), Palmer 2 (both with the Bengals). Career win/loss records for the quarterbacks? Again Dalton has a 47-28 win loss record. Carson Palmer is an even 77-77. So yeah, Palmer is far and away better, right?.....

Then, there's this gem:

Maybe one day when Andy Dalton can complete a game in January with clean underpants, Bangles fans won't be so butt hurt over losing CP3 and can appreciate what he did for them and the two draft picks to boot. Dalton has all the tools after all. Look how most QBs around their 30s seem to take a leap in maturity. The guy can ball.

Huh? If we are really talking about post season appearances from quarterbacks, then there is no argument. Palmer has really only played in one game and boasted a 58.3 quarterback rating. He was a monster with 146 passing yards.

There you have it, a group of very over-confident Cardinals fans. They hang their hat on their most recent win against the Seahawks (who the Bengals also beat this season) and have lost to the Rams and Steelers (and the Bengals beat the Steelers beat this season). Their other wins came against the Ravens (yep, Bengals beat them too), Browns (ditto), and then the 49ers and Lions, two of the worst teams in the NFL. So yeah, nice resume Cards fans, good luck on Sunday.