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Week 11 Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals: Submit your game score prediction

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What's your prediction for Sunday night's final score?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It's safe to say no one guessed last week's Texans vs Bengals score correctly. No one even came close.

This week, the Bengals are once again in primetime for the third week in a row and taking on one of the NFL's highest scoring teams. The Cardinals have the second most points per game among all NFL teams and the Bengals rank fifth on that same list. The Cardinals also have third most total yards through Week 10 while the Bengals rank ninth in that category.

The two teams seem very similar on paper and have each shown they can have high scoring games on a consistent basis. The Cardinals average 33.6 points per game, while the Bengals average 26.1, a number brought down by their loss last week to the Texans, which saw no touchdowns from the Bengals.

How do you see this week's matchup playing out? Record your score prediction below and feel free to share it in the comments, too. Hopefully, our guesses will be closer than they were last week.