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Bengals vs Cardinals: One final thought

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It has been a week during which I have seen my two favorite teams both lose games they were not supposed to. For the Buckeyes, the dream of a repeat national championship is probably dead. The Bengals however can right the ship with a win tonight.

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Overconfident. If I had to describe the Arizona Cardinals fan in one word, that would be it. It's funny, because I remember those days. First in 2005 then more recently as the Bengals continually made the postseason. At first, fans just assumed the Bengals were going to win. When they read stat sheets the only ones noted were the ones in favor of Cincinnati. When the Bengals did fall in the postseason, we looked backed rationally and learned why.

Cardinals fans aren't there yet. Sure, if you read through their comments, they are the greatest team in the history of the NFL. They just beat the freaking Seahawks for crying out loud. Carson Palmer is the greatest quarterback in the NFL this season and Bengals fans are morons for even hoping their team has a chance.

These things are what happens when a fan base hasn't had much to be excited for. The Cardinals will probably enjoy a winning season this year. They should enjoy it. This will only be the 6th time it has happened for them since 1985.

Tonight there should be a very good football game, In it, there are some strong storylines for Bengals fans. Carson Palmer could show the "pick 6" moniker he earned in Cincinnati. Jermaine Gresham could have a big play, or 3 very bad ones. Andy Dalton could light it up in primetime.

Neither team has a season hanging in the balance. A loss for either is not terrible as there are less playoff implications when playing a foe from another conference.

All that aside, I think the Bengals win. I think they win convincingly. Not the 40+ point spread that Tecmo predicted (man, I love Tecmo) but a game where they control for much of the night. Then, the primetime run ends and next week, it is back to Bengals Sunday afternoon football.