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Fan of the Week: Garey Faulkner and his famous Bengals beard

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Bengals super fan Garey Faulkner talks about his famous beard, how he became a fan, where we'll see him next, and more.

You've seen him in New Era ads--remember the big one outside of the Pro Shop?  You've seen him on highlight clips after the game.  You've seen him during the game.  You've seen him in lead photos for Bengals articles all over the internet, including here at Cincy Jungle.  Now you get to meet our first Fan of the Week, Garey Faulkner.

I've had the opportunity to talk with Garey at training camp. Having a beard of my own, I've followed him on various social media sites for years.  As he walked past the bleachers to find a seat, I jumped up and yelled, "Garey Faulkner!" Without hesitation he walked over to shake my hand. "You don't know me, but I've seen you everywhere.  I love the beard and I just wanted to shake your hand," I told him.  I offered him a seat beside me and he happily sat down for a great conversation.  I've met few fans who are as optimistic as Garey, and despite all the attention his beard gets, he took time out of his day (enjoying practice) to talk with me and my wife.  He is truly a great representative of Who Dey Nation, and a great man beyond the epic beard. Now, we spoke with him leading up to the Cardinals game to learn about his Bengals fandom.

Cincy Jungle: How did you become a Bengals fan?

Garey Faulkner: I became a bengals fan in the late 80's during the rat tail generation and 80s bangs with stonewashed faded jeans.... We watched every game on Sunday at home.

We need to work on the overall support of our Who Dey nation fan base. People who booed Andy Dalton at the celebrity softball game should realize how low class that was. We have a quarterback who has given us winning seasons for four straight years and made it to the playoffs in each of those seasons. I think that is a huge step forward from he 90s. I like and enjoy the fans who go the extra mile to stand out and dress to impress for our team. Other cities have a lot more people who seem to dress up but I feel we have a group of really good ones here. We have the best colors in the league as far as I'm concerned. Support your team win or lose people. Unless you're the Browns then just pick another sport .

CJ: What's your favorite Bengals memory?

GF: My favorite Bengals memory is probably the beer can beard photo I had with Andy Dalton that went viral all over the internet and around the NFL.

Most recent best Who Dey moment - coming back and winning in the last five minutes in Shitsburgh. After three hours of yellow towels in my face it was the best feeling when we came back and won.

CJ: Who is your favorite Bengals player?

GF: I can't say I have just one favorite player. I love watching Adam Jones, A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert, Domata Peko, Rey Maualuga, Vontaze Burfict, Kevin Huber, Leon Hall, etc. I like watching them all have big plays and games. Everyone plays a part in winning.

CJ: How was the famous beard born?  When and why did you start showing off your Bengals pride on the beard?

GF: The beard started as a bet for charity for $1,000 to not shave for a year when I worked in orthopedics. 4.5 years later, here I am having a really fascinating and interesting life with this huge beard. Now I do charity work year round and I just a finished flying in this Texans fan and his family for the Monday night game. His name was Matt the Champ - Matthew Medina. Great family. He suffers from brittle bones disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He's wheelchair bound and has a huge heart of gold and an amazing personality. All the Bengals came to the sidelines and welcomed him.

Matt Medina and Garey Faulkner

I started gaining a lot of popularity in 2012 with my Bengals beard after I won an NFL modeling contract out of a million people with New Era Hats. They flew me to New York and I met Roger Goodell and toured the NFL headquarters and filmed a commercial . They put a huge photo of me on the front of Paul Brown Stadium's Pro Shop. Since then, I've gained a ton of popularity with fans and opposing fans. I create all kinds of different ideas with my beard and take thousands and thousands of photos at each game with other fans. I don't mind it at all and have fun coming up with ideas.

CJ: What are you up to now? Where can we look forward to seeing you next?

GF: Having this beard and popularity has now landed me in several movies and TV shows. I did a movie called The Long Home with James Franco that is going to release this year coming up. I'm also working on a new TV show with Ryan Hurst aka Opie from Sons of Anarchy. The show starts in January on the WGN network and is called Outsiders. I will continue to do charity year round as long as my popularity helps make great things happen. I have an awesome t-shirt available at, if anyone would like to buy one all the proceeds are going to an animal rescue.

If you see me at any game, tailgate, or practice, please come say hello if you wish. I love our city and meeting people. My fan page is called My Bearded Life on Facebook if you would like to see what all I do. I have a lot of love for our city and encourage all of you to get painted up or wear your own custom Bengals themes. It's so much fun. WhoDey see you in the playoffs everyone, I believe we have a real chance this year!

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