3rd and 2 last night... similar play call hurt Bengals 2 years ago in Miami.

Last night, the 3rd and 2 incompletion is the play causing the most frustration. A low percentage pass that gave Arizona a minute to win the game in regulation. I remember a similar call 2 years ago in the Halloween game against Miami that cost the Bengals.

The Situation-

Tie game, 4th quarter.. 1:35 left. Bengals have 3rd and 4 at the Miami 37 yard line. Miami has 1 time out left. The Bengals can run the ball, or call a high percentage pass to keep the clock moving and hopefully convert a first down. Even if they don't convert, Miami would have to use it's last time out, or let the clock run down under a minute....

What happened-

The Bengals try a deep ball to Sanu that misses badly... the clock stops, no first down, and Miami keeps it's last time out..... The Bengals make the field goal to take a 3 point lead, but Miami uses the extra time they were given, and is able to drive and tie the game at end of regulation and win in Overtime.

Bad deja vu.

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