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Happy Thanksgiving, Cincy Jungle!

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Giving our thanks during a season to be thankful, and predicting a few things Bengals players are thankful for.

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It's that time of year where food, family, football and friends take precedence, introducing an awesome holiday season through -- in my sports-driven mind, the Super Bowl. As we settle into a day filled with acceptable laziness, while turkeys are being cooked, cranberries are being stacked, corn is being steamed and potatoes are being mashed, we reflect on things. Televisions across the country are tuned to football (for the most part, at least) and families gather to talk about simplistic events/things that don't involve politics, religion or football rivalries.

Enjoy the day, appreciate the little things and always keep perspective.  Suffering exists throughout the world, and even within our country. Football is relaxation and recreation. Family is important. Be thankful.

What am I thankful for?

Aside from the usual shelter, roof, food, cable TV, I'm immensely thankful for our readers and commenters at Cincy Jungle. If it weren't for you, this house wouldn't exist. We're one of the most trafficked sites among all NFL sites at SB Nation and one of the top sites throughout the entire network. This is you. Not us.

Thank you.

We can only imagine what Bengals players are thankful for:

Our suspicion is that Andy Dalton is thankful for being booed at the celebrity softball game in July. Sounds odd. "I'm not going to tell you it didn't bother him," said offensive coordinator Hue Jackson in October. "It did. When you have the success he has had—four seasons in the league, four times in the playoffs—getting booed in your own city, that has to hurt a bit. But he was able to hit one over the fence for a home run. And he flipped the bat. His message was sort of, You might not like me now, but you're going to love me later."

OK, maybe he's not "thankful" for it -- maybe the work with Tom House or the return of Tyler Eifert and Marvin Jones would be more appropriate. Either way, Dalton is on pace for career-highs in yards passing (4,380), passer rating (104.0), completion percentage (65.1 percent) and on pace to be one touchdown shy from matching the franchise record in scores -- which he set in 2013.

Other things we imagine Bengals players being thankful for:

  • Wide receiver A.J. Green is thankful for the massive contract he signed during the offseason, inking a four-year deal worth $60 million with $32.75 million guaranteed.
  • Andrew Whitworth is thankful for a little job security with an extension after feeling pinched when the team drafted offensive tackles with their first two picks during the 2015 NFL draft.
  • Linebacker Vontaze Burfict is thankful for being on the field after spending the last year recovering and rehabilitating a knee injury.
  • Defensive tackle Geno Atkins is thankful for resuming his coveted role as asskicker.
What are you thankful for?