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Opposing Outlook: What St. Louis Rams fans think of Bengals in Week 12

Every week we will take a look around the web to find some of the thoughts of opposing teams' fans concerning their upcoming game with the Bengals. This week we peek into Turf Show Times' comment section.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I wonder if it is the Thanksgiving holiday or if the bunch at the Turf Show Times is not into talking about upcoming opponents, but there is not much commenting going on at the SB Nation Rams blog about the Bengals.

Here's one tongue in cheek comment relating to the Bengals game this weekend:

we can totally put 24 to 30 points on the Bengals.
3 defensive touchdowns, a special teams touchdown, and a GZ field goal.
Rams win 31-17.

What I found far more interesting and had been mentioned many times on their site was the fans are interested in removing Jeff Fisher from his coaching duties. A full on upswell of support for firing the head coach is happening. While firing coaches is not such big news for a team that has struggled pretty badly for the last 12 years, the interesting part is who continues to get mentioned as a replacement.

I like Hue Jackson. The Bengals offense has done well lately for him, and until lately, many Raiders fans wished he remained their head coach.

Hue Jackson has been a head coach in the NFL. He also has turned some heads with what he has done with the Bengals offense the last couple of years.

The Bengals may be facing the reality of having a revolving door of assistant coaches based on the sustained success year in and year out.

For the most part, from the sparse commenting on the Bengals vs Rams game from Turf Show Times, the thoughts from Rams fans are in the Bengals' favor:

We lose 38-6....we score a meaningless TD late but Pegleg-A-Tron misses the extra point

Our only chance of winning another game are if the other teams take us for granted and we pull some tricky shit out of our asses. Even the Whiner game will be a toss up. At least I can just kick back and drink Rams beers without getting pissed at our Rams, they are what fish has made them. Side note: Only fish could fuck this coaches dream scenario up….lots of cap space, the redskin fleecing, the dumping of SBs contract and this team still gets worse every year….i submit no other coach in the NFL would squander this much capital like the fish has….and if they did they woulda been canned long before now.

Other Rams fans are nervous about their quarterback being in the concussion protocol.

This game has Rams QB concussion protocol written all over it....... Bengals two straight close losses coming home ( Yikes)

The Rams offense will likely be an issue for them this weekend, which some fans are realizing.

We're only underdogs because we have no offense. If we had some offense, this would be a close game. Maybe Fisher and Co. picked up some offense at a Black Friday sale and we will be all set to go.

This may be sarcastic, but we'll assume this fan thinks the Rams can win with 13 points.

Look out Bengals...... We're coming and we are bringing our offense with us !!! 13 points. Take it to the bank