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Week 12 Rams vs Bengals: One final thought

Win the games you are supposed to. The Bengals need to stop the streak they are currently on and I think they will against the Rams at home.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

People get nervous. Well, Bengals fans get really nervous. Many are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Some even think the Bengals will go 8-8 based on the last two games. These people need to get off the ledge.

We were spoiled this season as we watched the Bengals shoot out to an historic start with eight straight wins. Then, a bad bad loss to Houston came, which was really unexplainable. The loss to the Cardinals is a little easier to swallow. Don't get me wrong, losing sucks, but losing to a very good team, on the road by a last second kick is one where you can keep your head held high. It was a great effort that gives a team the confidence to know they are just as good as the other team.

When the Bengals take care of business on Sunday, they will be sitting with a 9-2 record. With 5 games left to play,?the next two games are huge. Once they finish off the Rams, they play the Browns then the Steelers. A three game winning streak here essentially ensures the AFC North crown goes to Cincinnati. In order to be in that position, the Bengals need to take the first step this weekend against the Rams.

I don't think we will see the "fancy" offense with exotic pre-snap shifts and crazy lineman eligible plays. It really isn't necessary. The Bengals will approach this game with the lunch pail mentality of just another day at the office. Go in, dominate, get out. If they accomplish that, Bengals' fandom can breathe a sigh of relief as the train will be comfortably back on the rails.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving (for those that celebrate it) and enjoy the win on Sunday just as much.