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Week 12 Cincinnati Bengals vs St. Louis Rams: Submit your game score prediction

How do you see this weekend's matchup playing out?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Week 11 saw another Bengals' loss and since we typically predict the Bengals to win around here, no one guessed the outcome of the game correctly, or came close, yet again.

In Week 12, the Bengals play a Rams' defense that has limited opposing offenses to an average of 229.4 passing yards per game, good for 10th best in the NFL. They also rank eighth in points allowed, 10th in total yards allowed and have the fifth most tackles and fifth most sacks in the league.

That's a tough defense to go up against, but the Cincinnati Bengals have the fifth ranked scoring offense, averaging 26.6 points per game.

On the other side of the ball, St. Louis' offense is ranked 31st in points per game with just 17.9 and 179 total points, you can compare that to the Bengals' 266 total points through Week 11. The Bengals' defense is limiting teams to an average of 18.6 points per game, good for fourth best in the league and has 28 sacks, tied for 9th best. The Bengals' defense also has 11 interceptions, tied for 8th best but no defensive touchdowns.

How do you see the Bengals' Week 12 game with the St. Louis Rams playing out? Will the Rams' defense let up and allow a few Bengals' touchdowns? Will the Bengals' defense return to the form they were playing in against the Texans, Browns and Steelers, games that saw only 10 points scored by the opposition?

Submit your score prediction below to see how it compares to other fans' predictions and the Vegas odds and leave your guess in the comments to get a shoutout next week if your prediction is close or accurate!