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Week 9 Browns vs Bengals: One final thought

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The Bengals face division rival Cleveland tonight and the NFL world tunes in to see how these Bengals handle their prime time test.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

There is no statement that can be made tonight. Sure, there are primetime demons that could be exorcised, but aren't we past all of that? The Bengals are enjoying their best start ever, this is new territory, a new script is being written. We often talk about pressure and how games mean more to one team over the other. The Bengals have no more pressure tonight than they would inany other game.

It is important to win tonight, for sure. The Bengals want to win all their home games, they want to keep their lead in the division and they want to keep pace with the leaders in the AFC. They don't care about jinxes nor curses.

What is pretty amazing is if the Bengals do take care of business tonight, which I am confident they will, they will have eight wins. If they split the rest of the season, this is still a 12 and 4 team. If I asked you in July if you would be happy with that record, you would have been ecstatic. Now, that may feel like a bit of a let down.

So, the test tonight will be how will the Bengals attack this Cleveland team? Will the run game attack the worst run defense in the NFL? Will the Bengals pile on by attacking through the air? Will the defense play to the level they were at last week when they stifled the Pittsburgh offense? Hopefully, yeah.

So forget superstitions and curses. The Bengals are playing a home game and this test has only one question: Did you win? The Bengals should ace this test.